Peng Ding Holdings: The First Tier Of Domestic PCB Manufacturers Committed To Become A PCB Industry Leader

- Sep 22, 2018-

In 2015, 2016 and 2017, pengding holdings achieved operating income of 17.093 billion yuan, 17.138 billion yuan and 23.921 billion yuan, respectively, of which the operating income in 2016 increased slightly by 0.27% compared with 2015, and the operating income in 2017 increased by 39.57% compared with 2016.Net profit was 1.526 billion yuan, 1.004 billion yuan and 1.827 billion yuan, respectively.

Pengding holdings' main business income accounts for 99.93%, 99.87%, 99.90% and 99.97% of the operating income in the same period, and its main business is outstanding, mainly from the production and sales of PCB products.Other business income mainly for materials sales and the factory housing rental income.

Specific to the main business income of the product composition, mainly three major plates, for communications board, consumer electronics and computer board, and other.Among them, the communications board sales of pengding holdings accounted for a relatively high proportion, and the sales revenue of communications board products in 2015, 2016 and 2017 respectively accounted for 74.71%, 78.35% and 78.80% of the main business revenue in the same period.Stimulated by the growth of the demand of downstream customers, the sales revenue of the communications board of pengding holdings continued to increase, including 651 million yuan in 2016, up by 5.10% compared with 2015.The year 2017 was increased by 54.21 billion yuan, an increase of 40.42 percent compared with 2016.

In this capital market, peng ding holdings intends to raise 5.4 billion yuan for investment in qingding precision electronics (huaian) co., LTD. Flexible multi-layer printed circuit board expansion project, hongqisheng precision electronics (qinhuangdao) co., LTD. Advanced HDI printed circuit board expansion project.It is understood that after the completion of the project, the annual capacity of the new FPC production line will be 1.338,000 square meters (14.4 million square feet) and the annual capacity of the new intelligent manufacturing line of HDI printed circuit boards will be 3.34,000 square meters (3.6 million square feet).

Peng ding holdings, said the offering for project investment scale is reasonable, its implementation will further expand the scale of company, company's mass production especially peak volume product ability will be further promoted, further promote the company toward the intelligent automation factory, the factory upgrades, to consolidate and strengthen the company's core competitiveness.Before the fund raising and investment project is completed, the company will be based on the existing business, improve the market sales scale of the product through continuous market development and product r&d and promotion, and maintain stable growth, in order to achieve the continuous improvement of business performance.

New demand leads to steady development of PCB industry

It is understood that PCB is a PCB that connects and prints components according to the predetermined design on the general base material. The main function of PCB is to connect various electronic components to predetermined circuits, playing the role of relay transmission.As the "mother of electronic products", it is widely used in the fields of communication electronics, consumer electronics, computer, automobile electronics, industrial control, medical equipment, national defense and aerospace, and is an indispensable electronic component in modern electronic information products.

In recent years, due to factors like slowing growth of PC and smart phone and superimposed inventory adjustment, PCB industry experienced a temporary adjustment. After a slight decline in 2015 and 2016, the global PCB output value recovered in 2017.