Peng Ding Holdings Invested Heavily In The Forward - Looking Technology Sector Of PCB

- Sep 22, 2018-

Scale advantage penetrates into the long tail market

About one thousand five hundred PCB at present domestic enterprises, but the industry pattern of scattered, small factory buildings with the leading PCB manufacturer "large-scale, centralization" trend has become increasingly obvious, with leading product design and development strength, excellent high-volume supply ability of large PCB manufacturers and good product quality assurance, can the supplier of the big brand customers technology research and development, quality control and supply the strict requirements of mass in a timely manner.In terms of revenue, peng ding holdings has been the largest PCB manufacturer in the world. In 2017, the company's operating income reached 489,879,64 yuan, and its net profit reached 1,7901.61 million yuan.

Thanks to the complete industrial chain, pengding holding has the scale advantage that cannot be ignored in the industry competition.Up-front costs of PCB industry and continuing operations to the requirement of enterprise financial strength is higher, and therefore formed the high barriers to entry, PCB according to the specific product form can be divided into flexible plate, rigid plate and HDI PCB products in the form of different applications and products for research and development design, production process, process technology, production line equipped with and meet the requirements of the production conditions and there is a big difference, and peng ding holdings has become a worldwide one of the few to have a combination of all kinds of PCB products design, development, manufacture and sales of one of professional manufacturers, have high quality variety of PCB product line,The company's manufacturing base is located in shenzhen, qinhuangdao, huaian and yingkou, and the service radius covers the Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the United States and Vietnam, which can provide global customers with fast and efficient quality services, and has become one of the most influential manufacturers in the industry.

Downstream customers for the product quality control and supplier change risk considerations, generally tend to establish long-term stable business relationship with PCB supplier, and strict complex of the qualified supplier certification program, inspection cycle in a year or so commonly, peng ding holdings has successfully into the international leading brand customer system of qualified suppliers, mainly large customers including apple, Microsoft, Google, Nokia, SONY, OPPO, vivo, hon hai group, and group to recognize, etc.With the rapid development of electronic information industry, the demand for different market segments, such as wearable equipment start-up boom, has increasingly become the long tail of PCB industry cannot ignore customer group, peng ding holding design is based on the accumulation of a strong research and development strength and complete production line configuration, build the intelligent online service platform "optimal passenger board", through the network platform service, customer demand docking, cancel the intermediate links, improve the efficiency of transactions, meet PCB type long tail customers proofing, design, engineering consulting and SMT OEM requirements, make full use of the company's production capacity and achieve high margins.