PCB Upstream Prices Are Expected To Rise Q1 Slack Season

- Sep 15, 2018-

The price of glass fiber yarn and cloth on the upper reaches of printed circuit board has been depressed for a long time. From the fourth quarter of last year, the price dropped and rose. 

Fuqiao, jianrong and dehong have suffered from poor operations in recent years, mainly due to low prices.Dehong said that the mainland manufacturers have been the first to significantly increase the price of e-grade fiberglass cloth since the fourth quarter of last year due to shortages, and that even downstream CCL manufacturers are pricing food, and the price looks likely to rise steadily this year.For the sale price of electronic glass fiber cloth, CCL analysis has a rising trend, but not like last year's second half of the high-profile rise in copper foil. 

At present, the market situation of electronic glass fiber yarn and cloth mainly comes from the shortage of mainland capital and the sharp increase. The industry believes that it will help the first quarter not to see the light of the situation. Under the change of objective circumstances, jiangrong and fuqiao became profitable.