PCB Technology Five Trends

- Aug 31, 2018-


First, along the high-density interconnect technology (HDI) road development.

Second, the component embedded technology has a strong vitality.

Third, PCB material development to a higher level.

Fourth, photoelectric PCB prospects.

Fifth, the manufacturing process to be updated, advanced equipment to be introduced

1.       Manufacturing process

HDI manufacturing is mature and tends to improve, with the development of PCB technology, although the commonly used method of reducing the production method is still dominant, but the addition method and semi-additive method and other low-cost process began to rise. Using nano - technology to make hole metallization simultaneously form PCB conductive pattern of new manufacturing flexible plate process. High reliability, high quality printing method, inkjet PCB process.

2.       Advanced equipment

Production of fine wires, new high-resolution photomasks and exposure devices, and laser direct exposure devices. Uniform plating equipment. Production components embedded (passive active components) manufacturing and installation of equipment and facilities.

By Sharon

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