PCB Sheet Price Rising Tide Gradually Recede

- Sep 01, 2018-

When the industry was howling, they looked at each other coldly, emphasizing the high price.Now that the price rise has receded, their shelves are falling off the high end, and their stock of goods has become a "basket orange" that needs to be sold.All of a sudden they were in a panic, out in a rush, selling, but hit a wall."Recently, many of their salesmen have come to talk to us, saying they have the goods and the price can be negotiated, but we do not want to talk to them again. At the beginning, they ignored our situation and raised the price, which was totally beyond our tolerance range. In the end, they directly refused to supply us, which made us very cold."One PCB manufacturer told me about one of their panel suppliers."They have been suffering for so many years and now they have a chance to turn themselves around.But they are taking advantage of this opportunity to keep going up and up, even if they have something to sell.  When supply exceeds demand, reduce price;When demand exceeds supply, prices rise.This is the natural way of market development, no one can control.However, if the momentum of rising prices is deliberately fanned, sitting on the ground to start prices, hoarding in the odd, will be the same people will be abandoned, will also be the market...Looking at the circuit board industry, more of the sincerity to overcome the difficulties, less of the indifferent mercenary, let the industry more healthy and steady development