PCB Q2 Mobility Will Pick Up

- Sep 15, 2018-

In the first half of this year, Taiwan printed circuit board (PCB) enterprises received orders better than the same period of last year, and the overall order volume of the industry will recover slightly from the first quarter, among which, HDI plate factory has a high entry threshold in the market, and the mainland brand mobile phone in the second quarter has a large number of flagship models to be listed, which is expected to have a better performance. 


Upstream the original PCB factory in the first half of the year, however, still faces such as copper foil, glass fiber cloth, copper foil substrates (CCL) price rise reflected, such as the gross margin and profit is still difficult to have gone up sharply, PCB factory director, points out that the raw material prices rose in 2016 fourth quarter, PCB factory finally agreed to by irresistible, but has been seeking to negotiate or size, and the upstream raw material prices reflect in the first quarter this year to supply manufacturers, which form the manufacturing costs rise. 


In addition, the Taiwan dollar surged 6.3 percent against the us dollar in the first quarter of this year, including taijun, zhending, xinxing, yaohua, huatong jingpeng and jingguo industrial all made PCB plant expected to have exchange loss in the first quarter, and due to adverse conditions such as currency exchange, loss of gross profit and net profit performance.If this situation fails to improve in the second quarter, the performance of profit will still not be significantly improved with the increase of order receiving and mobility rate. 


PCB board factory this year season 2 is still hard and soft to apple's supply chain have a higher visibility, huatong in the first quarter of this year in the United States, and China's customer positive order to rob of HDI higher-order process plate production capacity, the overall capacity utilization forecast of eighty percent, obviously better than that of 70% in the first three months of last year, among them, the HDI process orders and full load, traditional sandwich plate is 75-80%.In the second quarter, huatong has been active in the order of advanced products, and is expected to maintain the high capacity utilization since the first quarter. 


Including Taiwan county, huatong of apple's supply chain, such as high capacity utilization rate in the first quarter of this year, the main kinetic energy from apple iPhone shipment 7 series, as well as the new apple Macbook, new the use of hard and soft board a large number of delivery requirements, and season 2 apple customer demand, the mobile phone board and China is still two pillars support the capacity utilization. 


As for season 2 PCB raw material stocks, forecast operation will remain strong, mainly including copper foil, glass fiber cloth, copper foil substrate due to factors such as reflect rising prices and higher price, and in the first quarter due to the client could expect prices to rise, oversubscribed (Over Booking) condition is extremely obvious, in the second quarter, although an inventory season is Over, but because of its upstream raw material prices are high, prices will remain high, and become the winner of the PCB enterprises operating in season 2.