PCB Plate - Copying Maintenance Breaks The Vertical Monopoly Of Auto Parts

- Aug 28, 2018-

Closed technical information of vehicle maintenance leads to serious problems

As is known to all, since the technical information of vehicle maintenance cannot be effectively disclosed, and the original vehicle enterprise arbitrarily raised the price of maintenance accessories, often forcing the 4S shop to repair the vehicle "minor diseases", "replacement only do not repair", the huge maintenance costs so that the majority of car owners complain strongly.In addition, since most parts enterprises cannot get the technical data of the original factory, it is difficult to develop and design high-quality parts, and thus cannot enter the normal market sales system, which is not conducive to the development of automobile parts industry.To solve these problems, we must break the monopoly of the maintenance technology and the original factory accessories, while the PCB panel repair undoubtedly brings good news to the majority of car owners.

PCB copy board to take charge of vehicle maintenance and parts manufacturing methods

PCB copying may look like board copying, copying and cloning on the surface. In fact, with the continuous development and deepening of the board copying industry, today's PCB copying includes the encryption chip decryption, PCB schematic reverse, BOM making, PCB changing, design and other technical concepts.Therefore, by using PCB board copying technology, we can not only accurately clone original parts and make relevant parts by decryption, but also digest, absorb and innovate, master diagnostic techniques, fault decoding, disassembly and assembly techniques and other maintenance methods.

The role of schematic backtracking in automobile maintenance and improvement

It is understood that the schematic diagram is composed of electrical symbols used to analyze circuit principles, which plays an indispensable role in the process of product debugging, maintenance and improvement.Then, by using the PCB copying schematic diagram to reverse, we can easily find the auto maintenance and improvement measures, and know which ones need to be replaced and which do not, so as to avoid unnecessary waste.At the same time, when the auto parts of the original factory are aging, we can also carry out PCB modification, schematic design and secondary development of software and hardware on this basis, so as to speed up the upgrade of auto parts.