PCB Manufacturer's Profit Secret: Mainland Orders Are Made In Thailand

- Nov 03, 2018-

The production capacity utilization rate of Taiwan PCB company increased significantly from the third quarter, and its Thai factory received orders and shipments grew at the same time, and obtained the certification of European automotive electronics factory. The operation will be stronger in the second half of the year, and some certified automobile board orders can be obtained as soon as November, and enter production.

PCB this competition has two flat near the profit and loss, expects Thailand factory will also can damage in the second half of the monthly flat, next year, the year began to profit contribution, Thailand factory last year made European line (Tier 1) Continental automotive electronic components factory certification (German automobile supply chain certification), car plate products deliver a practical test is passed, the fastest can be achieved in November 1-2 orders, the fastest began to contribute revenue for the fourth season this year, the company expects that future sustainable expansion of business in the automotive electronics market.

The head of the competing country pointed out that the Thai factory has the advantage of cost and labor, and also has the effect of transshipment from the mainland factory. Among them, the order of the mainland factory, under the permission of cost and delivery time, is configured to produce in the Thai factory, which can obtain the maximum profit benefit.

Jingguo industrial co., ltd. has production capacity in Taiwan forest factory, kunshan factory in mainland China and Thailand factory. At present, PCB production still attaches great importance to the application of 3C electronic products, including TFT LCD optoelectronic board and NB application.The factory was originally set up for the use of automobile boards. Currently, about 21% of the revenue of the factory includes non-safety electronic PCB for automobile fans, stereos, etc., and the monthly production capacity has been expanded to 1.05 million square feet per month.

In the second quarter, the net profit after tax was RMB 215 million, which was significantly better than the net profit of RMB 11.11 million in the first quarter. The net profit per share per hour was RMB 1.34. In the first half, the net profit after tax was RMB 226 million and the annual growth rate was 15.86%.