PCB Industry Reshuffle: Environmental Protection Increases The Price Of Raw Materials

- Sep 15, 2018-

Since 2018, China has been implementing environmental protection laws and regulations vigorously. The two most notable events include: first, whether the normal production of overseas PCB industry is affected; second, the small and medium-sized PCB factories in mainland China are out of load and close the factory; and the direction and speed of the whole PCB industry in China.Judging from the current situation of strict inspection of environmental protection standards in China's PCB market, it is indeed beneficial for large and medium-sized PCB manufacturers in environmental compliance to take orders and improve the situation of oversupply of production capacity in the market. However, if environmental protection inspection is carried out in the mainland, the effect of transshipment will not be quick in the short term.

1. Supply-side reform and stricter environmental protection: small and medium-sized manufacturers can't get the license to control waste

First to look at the environmental problems, environmental protection laws and regulations strictly, has caused further PCB factory built deep marsh group, shenzhen, unable to continue because of drainage illegal production, will be in September 30, lockouts or dissolution into the first mainland for environmental auditing tougher action suggests that so close factory of PCB factory, although the action of PCB industry to build deep interpretation, even pointing to build deep group is to take this time to close the business benefits and dissolution of the old factory, but the mainland's strict enforcement of environmental audit action is the fact that the Taiwanese sewage, waste disposal cost to increase expected will therefore increase.

PCB industry to the problem of wastewater discharge of continental origin, and seek the solution is pointed out that due to the PCB factory to enter the Chinese mainland market operation for many years, the original a government-approved wastewater have been arrived at the critical point of permits, after years of expansion, the result of the process to produce wastewater is a massive increase in among them, therefore GeChang currently trying to improve it in the middle of the improved process to produce water recycling, in order to effectively control the foreign wastewater discharge license conforms to the original approval standard and emissions.Of course, the increase of water treatment facilities will also increase the cost and burden.

2. Strong demand for PCB: the industrial chain benefits collectively

It is understood that the PCB industry enters the market demand peak season in the second half of the year, but in the third quarter, the strong demand of upstream copper foil, glass fiber cloth and copper foil substrate (CCL) is seen first. Especially at present, there is still a tight supply of raw material glass fiber yarn in the glass fiber factory, and the rise of the product is triggered.Copper foil plant because of electric vehicle lithium battery and PCB plant on the demand for copper foil accelerated rise, forming a market demand boom.

Li sixian, general manager of jinju development of copper foil factory, pointed out that jinju in the second quarter of this year and the first quarter of the processing fee maintenance, the third quarter into the PCB season, in the emerging market demand, processing fees will maintain a stable huai, conducive to boosting the third quarter profits.

3. 5G acceleration arrival: or initiate PCB raw material industry chain shuffle

In addition, it is not only the auto market, but also the consumer electronics market, such as smart phones, with the upgrade of technology, also new demand for PCB. And after the launch of 5G commercial, this communication technology revolution will trigger a wave of reshuffle of original material supply chain of PCB.