PCB Industry Report

- Jul 26, 2018-

In 2018, we sorted out the PCB industry pulse, and the bank proposed to allocate the PCB growth investment in 2018 from apple's new kinetic energy, automotive electronics and 5G high frequency high-speed.In addition, under the big logic of accepting the eastward shift of global production capacity, we are also optimistic about the local advantageous manufacturers who can take advantage of the local price increase cycle to seize the opportunity of industry integration and growth.
The launch of iPhone X in November 2017 officially kicked off apple's super innovation cycle. The innovation core trend represented by OLED full screen, 3D sensing and wireless charging, as well as the upcoming high frequency high-speed LCP new track, will drive the continuous expansion of the FPC global circuit.Thanks to apple's innovation dividend, the relevant FPC supply chain company's revenue data are shining.The FPC software company is also keeping an eye on expanding its track in the next two years, thanks to apple's introduction of LCP high frequency high-speed antennas.