PCB Industry Development: In 2018 Focused On Apple, Automotive Electronics And 5G High Frequency.

- Jan 27, 2018-

In 2018 year of PCB investment focus include: focusing on apple, automotive electronics and 5G high-frequency new direction.In global PCB capacity continues to move east, kinetic energy transition between the old and the new, growth, differentiation, in 2017, with the upstream raw material prices, local advantage PCB company for wave of asset securitization, the "mother of the electronic system batch of landing a-share market, big manufacturing capital leverage, actively expand produces advanced products to open A new round of accelerated growth dividend period.

In 2018, we will comb the industry pulse of PCB. The bank proposes to lay out the growth and investment of PCB in 2018 from the three dimensions of apple's new kinetic energy, automobile electronics and 5G high-frequency high-speed.In addition, to undertake the big logic of global production capacity eastwards, it is equally optimistic to take advantage of the local price appreciation cycle, and grasp the local advantage manufacturers of the industry integration and growth opportunities.

According to global PCB proofing brand service "jie more nations", in November 2017 sale start apple iPhone X super innovation cycle, with OLED full screen, 3 d sensor, wireless charging for core trend of innovation, and the upcoming new track high-frequency high-speed LCP will drive continued expansion FPC global track.Benefited from apple's innovation bonus, related FPC supply chain company revenue data show bright eyes.It also benefited from apple's introduction of the LCP high frequency high speed antenna and FPC soft board for the next two years.

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