PCB Industries To See Rising Prices Which Related Concept Stocks Or Will Benefit?

- Sep 15, 2018-

According to the report, from July, the major PCB manufacturers, including omv electronics and jiantao group, have issued price increases, saying that the environmental protection restrictions on production and prices of materials such as copper sheet, copper foil, enterprises choose to increase prices.The agency believes that with the upgrading of 5G communication equipment and the substitution of domestic materials, the industry will realize the logical transformation from cycle to growth.Domestic leading enterprises benefit from the arrival of the industry business cycle, market share is expected to increase.

In recent years, the industry center of gravity of PCB has been shifting to Asia, and the production capacity in Asia has been further transferred to the mainland, forming a new industrial pattern.On the supply side, the supply of the world's main PCB production base is tight in absolute terms, as upstream copper prices have suffered a long downturn in previous years and some production capacity in mainland China has been pulled out due to the improvement in environmental protection.The upstream raw materials and the downstream copper clad plate belong to the highly concentrated industrial link, so once the upstream raw materials rise in price, copper clad plate manufacturers will respond quickly.

Jin 'an International: Goldenmax International Technology Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as jin anguo ji or GDM) is a joint-stock enterprise with joint venture between China and Hong Kong. It is registered in songjiang district, Shanghai, and was transformed by former Shanghai guoji electronic materials co., Ltd. (founded on October 19, 2000).The company belongs to the electronic material industry, is the national high and new technology enterprise, the main product is the printing circuit USES the copper foil laminate board, the series product has each kind of high grade FR-4, FR-5, CEM chu-3 and the black base plate, the white base plate and the half solidified sheet and so on series copper clad plate product, enjoys the high reputation in the industry.Huachengxin material co., LTD., founded in 2003, is a national key high-tech enterprise, and is the first and second excellent national brand enterprise of China printed circuit industry association.The third quarter is the peak season of consumer electronics, copper clad board industry leader jiantao has carried on many price increases, the company is also expected to usher in improved performance.The company's 4.5 million square meters of high-frequency and high-speed copper-clad projects in qingshan lake science and technology city will also start production in the second half of the year.