PCB Factory Production Automation Implementation Way!The Second Phase Automation Of Jingwang Jiangxi

- Aug 17, 2018-

(I) realization of PCB production automation

In today's PCB industry, market competition is fiercer, labor cost is no longer cheap, material cost is difficult to drop, industry profit margin becomes more transparent, and enterprises must explore new production mode if they want to stand out.

In addition, because the be fond of of consumer changeable, electronic product life cycles are getting shorter, customization increasingly diverse products, customers give less production time (such as a company in the production of high density double panel order, the original customer request delivery 8-10 days, now requires 4 to 5 days), PCB manufacturers must always face the variety of orders and production mode, the control of yield, and stock inventory pressure, category, rapidness become one of the trends of PCB manufacturing production mode.

At present, PCB manufacturing has changed from the advanced competition of single equipment and single process technology (foreign factory started earlier) to the intelligent competition of comprehensive production line (new mode, lu zi factory is gradually realizing).

PCB automatic production can be summarized in three aspects: machine generation, standardization and informatization

Machine generation

Eg1: PCB boards and testing

Existing problem: one important step in mass electronic assembly process.The traditional equipment of dividing plate is stamping machine, which has hidden danger of safety. The powder chip is harmful to human body, and the labor intensity is large and the labor cost is high.

Improved method: PCB plate container pushing machine replaces manual feeding;The robot replaces the artificial split plate to reduce the safety hazard.Design the split plate of compound die and leave the split product and edge material on the die.The edge material and product were collected separately by using multiple vacuum suckers.The robot automatically takes and puts the products for testing, and places the good and bad products intelligently.The automatic test fixture replaces the teacher's hand - drawn test fixture.

Equipment modified basic process: after 6 batch PCB board material into the container, push the automatic packing machine for product 1 divided 4 - manipulator automatic feeding - points plate punch 5 automatic subsection board -- manipulator 4 automatic feeding - cross transfer machine 7 feeding - six axis take feeding manipulator 8 take feeding, automatic scanning, test - a good product or bad product respectively collected in 1 or 2 disc, the entire process automatic production.

Results: according to the industrial survey, after the automatic transformation of the subboard and test equipment developed by the equipment manufacturer and PCB manufacturer, when the UPH reaches 1500PCS/hour, the daily output is 30000PCS, saving 22 people/day and at least 1 million yuan/year in labor cost.(UPH: output per hour;PCS:)