PCB Equipment Factory Group Yi, From Tian To Han Youcheng Next Year Performance Growth Momentum

- Oct 17, 2018-

PCB software and hard board manufacturing process changes have led to lower demand for production costs, resulting in the growth of PCB equipment shipments to the Korean PCB plant since this year, including yutian (3455-tw), qunyi (6664-tw), etc. As a result, we have received revenue injection from Korean customers, which will be more obvious next year due to the timing of entry.

Revenue in the first half of this year reached $1.213 billion, gross profit was 39.74%, net profit after tax was $84.73 million, net profit per share was $1.38, the legal person expected, the second half of the peak season and the effect of stock pull appeared, the consolidated revenue is expected to double than the first half, the fourth quarter revenue is expected to be more than $1.3 billion.

The optical inspection equipment factory is expanded rapidly by tian in the PCB and panel factory, looking forward to a series of industrial upgrading cycles such as 5G driving package, COF, soft board and onboard board, etc. Tian has been the first to carry out the market bureau, now the order amount in hand exceeds 3 billion yuan.

In the first half of this year, the company vigorously attacked the mainland soft board factory to expand business opportunities. In addition to receiving orders from the mainland's largest soft board factory, it also entered several newly listed soft board companies in south China, and obtained a wave of 5G layout expansion and product appearance inspection orders from samsung's supply chain Korea soft board factory.In the second half of the shipment part of IC sealing test and Korean factory orders.

At present, tian entered the market in two months in each 70 yuan under the purchase of 3,000 stocks.This is by field 2007 on the counter since listing, first resolution enters the market to buy back the stock, will use to write off share capital.

Group yi is mainly engaged in PCB dry process equipment, mainly providing coating, drying, film pressing, exposure and other equipment. With the obvious recovery of PCB prosperity, PCB plant is stepping up the expansion of new equipment and strengthening automation production, which also provides growth momentum for group yi's performance.The main growth kinetic energy of group yi includes the main board of mobile phone, which is imported into the load-bearing board by the HDI manufacturing process of any layer. Meanwhile, the soft board factory began to use the vacuum pressure film device for volume to volume on a large scale.And the use of ultra-thin FC CSP substrates, as well as auto drying lines for ultra-thick PCB boards for cars, is growing.

Our growth momentum includes that the main board of the mobile phone is imported from the HDI process of any layer. This trend is not only adopted by apple, but also quickly followed by samsung of Korean factory.Therefore, in addition to PCB plant, Korean PCB plant also began to import.At the same time, the soft plate factory began to use the volume to volume vacuum pressure membrane equipment, the FC CSP ultra thin base plate, and the auto used the super thick PCB board automatic drying line demand, also in the growth, including jialinyi (6153-tw) in the new factory in guanyin also purchased the equipment of group.