PCB Equipment Factory Chuanbao Technology 1.5yuan Dividend 7/6 Dividend Yield 3%

- Sep 01, 2018-

PCB exposed that the equipment factory chuanbao technology held a shareholders' meeting on August 8 to approve last year's dividend distribution case, and then finalize last year's allocation of 1.5yuan in cash on July 6, excluding interest transaction. Based on today's closing price of 50 yuan, its cash head rate is 3%. 

Chuanbao technology's surplus allocation last year included a cash allocation of 0.5 yuan per share and a cash allocation of 1 yuan in the capital reserve, totalling 1.5 yuan. 

Chuanbao technology has gradually improved its orders this year, and the visibility this season is also high. The company's revenue in May was 101 million yuan, an increase of 4.94 percent, an increase of 40.66 percent year on year. 

In April, chuanbao technology's revenue dropped to 96.09 million yuan due to the delivery date, but in May, its revenue reached the 100 million yuan mark again, showing an annual increase of 40.66%.Chief technology officer chuanbao noted that the PCB market atmosphere has improved since the beginning of this year, the PCB exposure equipment receiving situation has significantly stabilized, and the order visibility in the second quarter also improved, with the gross profit margin falling to 37.59% in the first quarter of this year, mainly due to the exchange unfavorable factors caused by the appreciation of the new Taiwan dollar. 

Chuanbao technology reported revenue of 280 million yuan, gross margin of 37.59 percent, net operating profit of 58.99 million yuan, net profit after tax of 23.43 million yuan, net profit per share of 0.58 yuan.Chuanbao technology's net profit in the first quarter turned into profit from the previous quarter, and its annual profit growth rate also reached 66.25%. 

In addition, AOI equipment factory mude science and technology issued a 4.2 yuan cash dividend in the past year surplus, and has also confirmed that July 17 is the ex-dividend trading day.