PCB Announced Price Increase LED Downstream LED Display Enterprises To Issue Price Increase Notice

- Aug 18, 2018-

LED upstream industry chain PCB industry has entered the peak season one after another, and the price of PCB products is expected to go higher, which will form a strong support for LED display.The second half is also the traditional peak season of LED display industry, and the huge market demand in the downstream is about to release.In particular, the application of small spacing screen is expected to usher in a new round of LED industry.As the economy of the upstream and downstream industrial chain gradually booms, the profitability of related companies is expected to improve.

The overall price increases reflect the value of the industry, of course, not to make the display screen unaffordable.In addition to alleviate shortage of industry enterprise r&d investment, but also to the industry for a long time in the "price war" has brought a lot of positive influence to the real good products from the "low vortex" regulators-had begun to pull away, pull open price level, industry competition need to go back to the rational level, and take the initiative to rise in price is definitely a good start, more conducive to industrial development.

ance to developing channels. It is one of the companies that have developed the best channels in the entire LED display industry, which also makes its cooperation with upstream and downstream manufacturers become closer.The reason why I choose to reduce the price of some products at this time is that strong color has a strong ability to digest the price. Its complete supply chain has formed a saying of "strong system" in the industry. Attaching importance to supply chain management makes strong color have a strong control over the cost and gives strong color space for price selection.In the industry with the same type of enterprises because the upstream manufacturers and with the same type of enterprises product price increases passively time, strong color can have more options.

It is not only the powerful color that attaches great importance to procurement and supply chain management, but also the downstream LED display manufacturers. Abby sen, one of the few listed companies in the industry, is a company worth mentioning.Abby's purchasing department has a complete procurement system, and the number of people is more than ten with strict procurement requirements. Many companies only have four or five people in their purchasing department, some even fewer.Abelson's management of the supply chain makes the cost control of the upstream components of abeson reach a certain level.

There are many problems of procurement in the industry, and it is difficult to curb the phenomenon of shoddy goods. The increase of cost makes some enterprises sacrifice product quality even more.Many powerful upstream manufacturers will require spot trading when the downstream manufacturers come to purchase, which is itself a difficult problem for some middle and downstream enterprises with insufficient capital management in the industry. The price rise this time makes the problem worse.A failure to pay attention to procurement will have more serious consequences.

As the saying goes: a few families are happy and a few families are sad, and everything is always the same, especially in the market which is more turbulent than the battlefield.The shopping mall said it was complicated and simple, but it was no more than one to buy and one to sell. There were manufacturers and dealers selling products in the middle of the LED display industry. In the short term, it was the end customers who really paid for the price increase.Of course, the price increase itself has both advantages and disadvantages for the LED display industry, which reflects the value of the high-tech industry in the LED display industry, and indirectly provides funds for the scientific research investment of the LED display factory, which is a good thing for the long-time drought and good for the development of the industry.

And for the vast consumer groups, our terminal customers and dealers friends are certainly not good news, everyone wants to buy good and inexpensive goods, which also increases the difficulty for dealers to operate.However, the price rise has become a foregone conclusion, dealers and the vast majority of terminal customers in the procurement of the time to pay attention, in the purchase of display screen can not be lost, the professional degree of procurement must be strengthened, so that can buy quality display.LED screens can run into hundreds of thousands and millions, which is not a small number. This round of price increase in the upstream and downstream of LED display industry makes LED screens expensive and expensive. Of course, we need to buy high-quality LED screens.So how do you get a quality LED display?

First of all, the purchase comes from their own demand needs, to meet the demand at the same time to have some advanced ideas.But cannot blindly pursue best, although expensive general meeting is better, but should see symmetrical oneself use, also want to depend on an economy circumstance of oneself, otherwise can waste more capital on the function that does not need.

Then, of course, it is necessary to know which LED display companies in the industry have strong strength and good reputation, and it is better to know the strength of the manufacturers of various parts, which may be a little difficult for the end customers, but for the dealer friends should know a little bit.The products of big enterprises may be a little bit more expensive, but the quality is guaranteed, and the quality of service follows. Of course, the big six listed companies are the first choice.Upstream manufacturers like lamp bead, drive IC, power supply, control system also want to strengthen understanding, can refer to when choosing.Usually also should pay attention to LED display industry trends.

The next step is to learn about some industry technologies, some of which are currently mature or are already obsolete, and then use them as selling points.Pay attention to the new display effect, parameters are the easiest to compare the indicators, to be able to understand, know what is important.After all, compare three not to lose, also want to know what is compared.

If you are a specialized buyer or a purchaser, you must accumulate industry knowledge at ordinary times, because some of the methods mentioned above still require industry related knowledge, which cannot be understood by catch up with at present. If you don't know yourself as a terminal customer, you should ask the industry personnel to help you.

Of course, even if you ask industry personnel to consult together, you should also be a little rough judgment, first from the appearance test: visual test and hand feel can be initially seen whether there is something wrong with the screen body;Secondly, the screen coating should not fall off.Next, check whether the color of the screen is consistent, or there is no color phenomenon, bright phenomenon;Screen screen printing content should be clear, complete, uniform color, no rough edges, defects, trailing tail, pollution phenomenon, the specific content, location, pattern and font size of all screen printing, detailed description by the corresponding drawings, manufacturers in strict accordance with the design requirements of the drawings screen printing.Finally, the color is consistent with the sample, normal vision is observed under natural light or fluorescent lamp without obvious color difference, the same batch of products have no color difference, the coating surface is smooth, flat and uniform, the surface shall not have the defects such as non-return adhesion, particle, leakage bottom, pitting, hair flower, wrinkle, mechanical damage, etc.