Our PCB Production Value Q3 Returns To 100 Billion Yuan

- Nov 17, 2018-

According to IEK ITIS research plan, the PCB industry is expected to be launched in Q3. As Windows 8 is confirmed to be officially launched on October 26, a lot of PCB products required by Ultrabook, NB, PC and tablet computer will start to be purchased in the third quarter. The domestic PCB output will return to 103.4 billion yuan and the quarterly growth will expand to 8.4%.

Looking back on the second quarter, IEK said that with more manufacturers launching Ultrabook, tablet computer and smart phone products, the output value of domestic PCB industry rose by 2.3% in the second quarter of 2012, reaching 95.4 billion yuan.

Panels are also put forward, the European debt problem continued to spread to Europe as a whole remains sluggish economic performance, the United States only a modest recovery and unemployment is still not solved, emerging countries such as China, India, Russia, Brazil by weak demand in Europe and America, affect exports to GDP growth fell, the overall economic growth in a relatively weak state.However, the new ultra-thin laptop/smart phone/tablet computer will be available in the third quarter, which is expected to give a small boost to the electronics component market.