Or The Best Light-emitting Material Display Technology Comes From The New Red QLED

- Sep 15, 2018-

Recent moves by industry giants such as samsung, LG and sharp have provided the answer - display technology.After all, no matter which screen is large or small, what people end up with is visual experience. 

So a lot of obscure technical terms, people became familiar hot words.First came LCD (liquid crystal display), then OLED (organic light-emitting diode), and now comes QLED, a quantum dot display. 

Or the best luminescent material

QLED USES quantum dots, is a semiconductor nanocrystal.When stimulated by light or electricity, the quantum dots emit colored light. The color of the light is determined by the material and size and shape of the quantum dots. Therefore, the peak value of pure color including red light to blue light can be obtained by changing the configuration of the quantum dots. 

Quantum dot technology first emerged in the late 1970s when western countries were looking for an efficient photoelectric conversion technology during the oil crisis.At present, research on quantum dots is a very hot field in the world, with tens of thousands of papers published a year. 

"" quantum dots have the potential to be the best glowing material ever discovered by humans." "According to peng xiaogang, professor of chemistry at zhejiang university, quantum dots are aqueous semiconductor nanocrystals, each of which is a single crystal, about a tenth the size of a human hair.Simply changing the size of the quantum dots will bring out the desired color, and the purity is high and the stability of the crystals is high, which is beyond the reach of other materials and does not need to worry about the service life. 

Color gamut is the standard that determines how much color the human eye can observe."By the highest BT2020 standards, the iphone is only about 50%, meaning that half of the color doesn't show up, but the quantum dots can do 100% of the gamut and restore all the colors we can perceive."Peng just said. 

Jump from the lab to the market

Quantum dot TV has become a representative product of nano technology. 

In the TV market, quantum dot technology TV entered the public view in 2014. Through the continuous product enrichment of samsung and other brands, after nearly three years of development, it has become an important category in the middle and high-end market. 

In this field, TCL is one of the representatives.Recently, TCL released the XESS X2/X3 series of inorganic primary quantum dot TV, which adopts a new generation of inorganic primary quantum dot display materials. 

Since the launch of quantum dot TV in 2014, TCL has officially started the marketization exploration of quantum dots in China. In 2016, it launched QUHD quantum dot TV, which promotes the popularization, commercial application and marketization of quantum dots.According to the results of the first public test of terite laboratory, the core indicators of QUHD TV are excellent, especially the color coverage rate is the highest in the large database, the peak brightness exceeds the industry average by 77.9%, and the color brightness exceeds the industry average by 26%. 

According to wang cheng, vice President of TCL group, TCL adopted a new generation of inorganic three primary color quantum dot display material, whose volume is only 1/10000 of that of organic luminescent material, realizing the breakthrough of color processing from micron level to nanometer level. 

"The advantages of the new generation of quantum dots can be summarized as three aspects: high, pure and long.'high' means high gamut, with a coverage of 110%NTSC.'pure' means pure color. The purity of color is about 58.3% higher than that of ordinary LED, which can present natural color.The new generation of ultra-thin quantum dots is a stable inorganic nanometer material, which can guarantee the color will not fade, and the color will be stable for 60, 000 hours.Wang cheng said. 

The power of industrial chain determines the seating position

With the maturity of quantum dot technology, quantum dot TV breaks the shackles of traditional picture quality from multiple dimensions such as ultra-high color gamut, color reduction and color purity, and presents the potential to become a future display technology. 

According to the forecast of NPD Display Search, the annual growth rate of quantum dot TV in the Chinese market will reach 100%, and it is expected to increase from 600,000 in 2016 to 1.2 million in 2017, and also increase from 3 million to 6 million worldwide. 

At present, domestic and foreign TV enterprises have started to fight with each other in the layout of quantum dot technology, and the price is the core issue of realizing marketization. 

In this new product, TCL directly put the price of quantum dot TV, "pull down" to the acceptance range of ordinary consumers.Wang cheng revealed that the third-generation QDS TV reduced its thickness based on improved picture quality, and achieved cost control through technological improvements, bringing the QDS TV price into the mainstream price range for the first time. 

TCL was able to launch a new product cluster, but also in the hands of a trump card - huaxing optoelectronics. 

China star optoelectronics, a unit of TCL, currently has three LCD panel production lines, all of which cover large-size TV panels and small and medium-sized mobile terminal panels.China star optoelectronics has become the first group of global LCD panel, making TCL the only domestic color TV enterprise that has completed the vertical integration of the industrial chain. The supply of core components is no longer controlled by others and the global competitiveness of the enterprise is guaranteed. 

Even if we look at the global market, there are only three color TV companies with vertical integration of the industrial chain.As the first domestic enterprise to produce quantum dot TV, TCL shipped 20 million sets in 2016.In the current opportunities of the largest high-end color TV market, is grabbing the share originally belonging to the Japanese and Korean giants. 

However, foreign giants such as samsung are also accelerating the development of quantum dot technology.Recently, at the 2017 samsung China BBS held in Shanghai, samsung showed dozens of TVS of different categories, including 4 series and 8 models of QLED photo-induced quantum dot TV, spanning many sizes from 55 inches to 88 inches. 

China no longer follows the trend

"" the display industry from CRT to LCD to OLED, the core technology has always been in the hands of foreign giants, and the electroluminescent quantum dot TV is more completely dominated by Korean companies." "At present, China's imported backlight modules have very large foreign exchange consumption, peng said. 

"" in the first generation of light-emitting quantum dot TV, China is not far behind others at the moment.If all Chinese forces unite to do the quantum dot technology well, it will break the monopoly of foreign countries.Peng just said. 

The quantum dot display technology is mainly divided into two stages: photoluminescence and electroluminescence. Based on the first stage of photoluminescence, its performance has been superior to the existing TV, which has achieved a breakthrough in terms of color, power consumption and overall effect.The second stage of electroluminescence, peng said, will be the most likely next generation display technology option for humans. 

Quantum dot technology is beginning to be applied and explored in the fields of solar cells, bio-medical markers, lighting and display industries, peng said.For example, in the field of biological medicine, different colors of quantum dots can be used to detect a variety of bacteria or pesticide residues at the same time, while the application of quantum dots in the lighting industry can greatly improve the luminous efficiency. 

At present, the quantum dot display technology has been the attention of the national "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, science and technology department of the public of the national key research and development program, led by peng laugh just" key materials and quantum dot light emitting display device research "is included in the" strategic "advanced electronic materials key projects, the ministry announced that quantum dots print display is the key to the development of the national key technology.In the new wave of technology, China will no longer "follow" as it once did.