Optimistic About The Mainland Market Fuqiao First Mainland Production Base At The End Of The Season

- Oct 20, 2018-

Bullish mainland market demand, fuqiao industry reinvestment first mainland production base will be in the end of the quarter, the beginning of the second quarter, meet the first half of the slack season recession. 

The first mainland production base of fuqiao will be put into operation. Dehong industrial co., LTD., following the existing electronic glass fiber cloth factory in suzhou, jiangsu province, is also optimistic that the mainland market plans to establish a second production base in jiujiang, jiangxi province, even covering both the upstream glass fiber cloth and the construction of glass fiber yarn kiln. 

The first production base of fuqiao layout is located in dongguan, guangdong province. In the initial stage, 180 looms are set to produce high-grade glass fiber cloth. If prosperity continues to increase as expected, 400 looms will be set before the end of the year. 

In recent years, the PCB industry has been booming in China. Luzui glass co., ltd. has been aggressively expanding its e-grade glass fiber yarn, which has been implemented since January. Fuqiao and dehong do not look at the weak season in the first half

Dehong said that the fourth quarter of last year's traditional off-season operation is not weak compared to recent years, nor pessimistic December revenue, more optimistic about lu capital factory Shouting to drive product prices. 

In November last year, the revenue of dehong reached 247 million yuan, a 32-month high and a 12-year high in the same period.Revenue in the first November was 2.332 billion yuan, up 21.01 percent year on year.