On The Development Status Of Flexible Circuit Board Industry

- Nov 03, 2018-

With the upgrading of electronic products, consumer electronic products such as smart phones, tablet computers and wearable devices are developing faster and faster.At this time, FPC flexible circuit board, by virtue of its advantages, has been applied more and more widely in the field of electronic products, mainly because its characteristics exactly cater to the demands of electronic products in the light and thin aspect. It occupies an important position in electronic products, and the local FPC industry has won an outbreak.According to the statistics of relevant departments, the annual output value of global FPC industry is about 100 billion RMB at present, and the market share of domestic enterprises is only about 10%. In the future, we still need to strengthen our technological strength, expand high-end market, and actively "go out" to enter the international market.

On the development status of flexible circuit board industry

Circuit boards are usually divided into two categories, one is rigid circuit board, the other is flexible circuit board, the rigid circuit board is mainly used in the refrigerator and other household appliances.The flexible circuit is also called soft circuit board, and the concise one is also called soft board. With the advantages of light weight, thin thickness, good bending, high wiring density and less wiring space limitation, flexible circuit is complying with the trend of miniaturization and mobility of electronic products, and has gradually become an indispensable component of consumer electronic products such as smart phones.

As a global manufacturer of consumer electronic products, flexible circuit board has a huge demand in China, and domestic flexible circuit board enterprises are experiencing rapid development.Recently, the reporter learned from the leading domestic flexible circuit board enterprise shangda electronics that shangda electronics entered the FPC field in 2004 and has become the main supplier of domestic panel manufacturers like Beijing Oriental, tianma and huaxing optoelectronics, as well as domestic smartphone manufacturers like huawei, OPPO and VIVO.In 2016, electronic revenue reached about 800 million yuan, which is expected to increase to 1 billion yuan this year.

According to huang wei, an academician of the Chinese academy of sciences, flexible electronics technology will drive a trillion-scale market, which is an opportunity for China to strive for leapfrog development of the electronics industry and become a pillar industry of the country.

On the development status of flexible circuit board industry

In recent years, the flexible circuit board has become a hot spot in the domestic capital market.In march last year, shangda electronics was listed on the "new third board" and entered the strategic innovation level in September of the same year.Xiamen hongxin electronics co., ltd. was recently approved by the China securities regulatory commission for listing on the gem.The company recently announced that it plans to acquire lanpei technology in order to acquire internationally leading FPC materials technology.

Domestic FPC capacity is rapidly expanding, but experts point out that the current FPC products part of the core raw materials, such as flexible copper clad, conductive film, shielding film is still in the hands of foreign companies, such as domestic FPC domestic manufacturers to participate in the international market competition ability is weak, sales are mainly concentrated in the domestic market, the overall market share is low.

At present, domestic FPC enterprises seem to have a certain gap with foreign advanced manufacturers. However, as huawei, OPPO, VIVO and other domestic mobile phones have made great progress in the mobile phone market in recent years, domestic FPC has gradually realized its technological innovation and mastered the core technology, and the gap with foreign countries is narrowing.Among them, shangda electronics has started the process of producing high-performance FPC products from the main.

On the development status of flexible circuit board industry