OLED Procurement Set Off A Chain Effect In South Korea's Soft Circuit Board Market Of $800 Million

- Sep 01, 2018-

According to local media reports, samsung display is the first selected apple mobile OLED panel supplier, samsung monitors have originally in the smart phone OLED panel has a monopoly market, the future under the apple orders as backing, samsung display OLED panel leading position not only more solid, even in the global smart phone panel market, also will be gradually opened mainland panel plant of Beijing east gap with competitors. 

Samsung display OLED business revenue is expected to grow 5 into 2017, mostly from the apple order injections, the small and medium size OLED panel markets around the world still is in tight supply and demand condition, Samsung display enough number of OLED panel, in order to ensure the supply of apples in addition to accept a few mainland companies orders, no spare capacity opened up new customers, in 2017, Samsung display main big customers will be Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electronics, with apple, and apple become a leading Samsung display performance the main driver of growth. 

South Korean media reports pointed out that the flexible circuit board (FPCB) industry in the first battle, a wave of market to Taiwan, Japanese companies, apple had soft circuit board is to Taiwan, Japanese industry purchase more, but as apple new phones with OLED panel, and supplied by samsung display exclusive, dawn will open for south Korean soft circuit board industry, operation of the kinetic energy is expected to appear strong rebound. 

Suppliers of flexible circuit boards for apple OLED panels, including samsung motors (Semco), Interflex (Interflex) and BHflex (BHflex), have recently decided to add production lines to meet apple's orders. In the future, they will ship Rigid flex boards that connect to the iPhone's main board to drive the display. 

South Korea in the industry expect apple with OLED panel, bring South Korea the benefit of the flexible circuit board industry will exceed $800 million, this will be the first time South Korea soft circuit board industry to achieve large-scale orders, is expected to drive performance obvious growth in 2017, as for the South Korea OLED materials and equipment receiving orders from apple, performance will also be significantly better. 

Industry reports that apple's new OLED panel materials, including phosphor red, phosphor green and fluorescent blue, may be supplied by Dow Chemical, Samsung SDI and SFC respectively.Among them, SFC for Japan's Hodogaya Chemical industry and samsung display co-investment company.The global OLED raw material market was about $465 million in 2015 and will grow to $1.8 billion in 2018, according to market research firm IHS. 

In terms of OLED devices, samsung display purchased OLED devices for exclusive production line of apple from ICD, AP Systems, Tera Semicon, Viatron, HB Technology and Charm Engineering in 2016. These companies are expected to continue to increase investment in samsung display and expand production line.