OLED Peripheral Components Are The Biggest Business Opportunity In Taiwan.

- Jan 17, 2018-

IPhone X (OLED screen), and 8 Plus (LCD screen) the comparison, the iPhone display area is larger, a 28 grams is light in weight, even if the price expensive nt $7000, consumers prefer to line up to buy a new, iPhone X selling to further sales of brand competition, OLED, light and thin mechanism design (form factor), fully show the appearance, has a fatal attraction for consumers.

Although Taiwan is clearly lagging behind in OLED panels, Mr Liu is not pessimistic. "the biggest problem for Taiwanese companies is the lack of money, but they can still invest in the non-samsung supply chain's zero components".IEK che-ming Lin, an analyst also pointed out that the OLED peripheral components is Taiwan's largest business opportunities, drive IC al chorale, wonders of Taiwan, seal at state measurement technology is good, but because of samsung's monopoly of the supply chain, can only aim at LGD, sharp and Oriental Chinese companies such as Beijing, tianma, China star, etc.

According to the research firm ihs Markit forecast report, China, Japan and South Korea are actively expanding production, smart phones with OLED,. Annual production capacity will increase to 3190 square meters, is enshrined in 3.6 times of the year, a component of business opportunities, the layout of the Taiwanese are from LCD parts business transformation, aim at the samsung panel industry.

Company of group of luck, for example, the original business machine assembly and a backlight module, entered the FMM r&d has for several years, the laboratory capacity of about 500 to 1000 pieces per month, preliminary already through customer authentication, invest 2.5 billion yuan to set up production line this year, the third quarter of next year is expected to mass production, although the revenue contribution may be less than 1, but this is a high technical threshold of consumables, explosive growth is quite strong, profit is high also, whether can smooth production, brought to the attention of the outside.

In the material aspect, youda and changxing joint venture daxing material, produce various photoelectric special materials, also dabble in OLED luminescent material and PI (polyimide) soft plastic base board.Da mai in PI cultivated for a long time, product line complete, from the OLED base board, graphite heat sink, Wu Sheng chang, chairman of interview with the media, said the company long-term goal is to cooperate with Japanese companies that actively to become the world's one PI film material.

Recently due to the 3 d identify red, the public spectacle, in early November for sale in China at 15% stake to Beijing Oriental science and technology, is at bond at subsidiary, at state now holds a 85% stake, business to drive chip testing and convex block.Industry rumours that the next step is to boe at bond buying again at 3 to 4 into equity, in the form of binding equity, as the basis of LCD, OLED order cooperation, at the nations expressed "unable to comment".

Beijing Oriental is a Chinese panel industry leader, has invested more than billions dollars (nt $300 billion) into OLED actively, factories in sichuan, including flexible and can be folded in the planning and target customers aimed at apple.People in the industry observe that China and South Korea are still technically at a distance, but because samsung's exclusive interests are too big, people are desperate to invest in order to reverse the trend of demand.Of course, once China has a successful mass production, OLED may be trapped in a killer storm, and supply chain benefits are redistributed.

Again from the perspective of technology, the OLED evaporation is the key to the panel color balance, because it is hard to do, it must be through the driver IC to adjust, so the driver IC technology is also very important, in the past did a good job in the liquid crystal panel of poems, and LGD in flexible OLED cooperation, apple has positive support, but the LGD mobile phone with the quality of the OLED has not meet the requirements of the apple alone was responsible for the samsung strong situation, looking forward to September 18th year, LGD or the technology the most close to the samsung companies by industry, and union of performance is worth looking forward to.