NV New Graphics Card PCB Spy Photo Revealed: 8+6Pin Power Weird Bridge Gold Fingers

- Aug 04, 2018-


The visible information is as follows for reference only:

1. The gold finger is located with NVIDIA LOGO, which is confirmed to be from huang jia.

2. There are 8 placeholders in video memory. If the corresponding one is GDDR6, it is 8GB or 16GB.

3. 10-phase power supply, external auxiliary power supply is 8+6Pin (plus the maximum support of 300W TDP on board load). It should be noted that the previous generation of GTX 1080 is only a single 8Pin.

The bridge at the top is reserved for special "3+2" -style SLI fingers, but not the NVLink gestalt.

5. GPU core area is relatively small, and the guess of VCZ is GV104 core.

In terms of power supply, the platform should have high performance (there was also a 3x8pin so-called test card). Of course, it is not surprising if only PCB is used for testing.

NVIDIA's new GeForce graphics card is expected to be announced at a pre-show event for Gamescom on August 20.