MOSFET Chip Capacity To Turn To Automotive Electronics Supply Tension

- Oct 20, 2018-

In the face of international IDM giant's MOSFET chip production capacity, a large number of transfer in the field of automotive electronics, and began to take a limited supply of MOSFET chip to PC, NB and mobile device products customers, large and medium-sized, fuding, Nixon sets series MOSFET chip mitsuo not only 2017 season 3 finally have decent revenue growth, customers unprecedented magnificence of additional order.Although the global PC and NB market demand is expected to start declining in the fourth quarter, Intel and AMD need to add 3-5 MOSFET chips to their new CPU platforms. Besides, customers are highly concerned about the tight supply and demand of MOSFET chips. 

Fuding has said in a recent legal news conference that the company's settlement of the third quarter revenue over nt $598 million, should still be highly correlated with the traditional peak season effect.However, the shipment of its MOSFET chips has grown for six consecutive quarters, which is unusual in the past history. As for whether the market of terminal MOSFET chips has been out of stock, it should be observed by individual products, markets and applications.However, the situation that the upstream raw material cost keeps rising will let the domestic and external MOSFET chip suppliers start to respond to the upward quotation. The company continues to move from the low-voltage MOSFET chip product line to the medium-high voltage MOSFET chip market, and will actively enter the automotive electronics sector. It is expected that there will be some good progress in 2018. 

Than Yu Fuding face on MOSFET chip prices, large and medium-sized and Nixon synchronous settlement revenue hit a new quarterly history of 3 and almost five years of good performance, also seems to benefit customers worry MOSFET impeded and advance preparation in single chip supply demand, only, although many clients are prepared ahead of time, but actually inventory level is not high, with foreign MOSFET chip supplier delivery has been stretched to 13 ~ 18 weeks, and it requires customer order must give full visibility to six months, or more than, more than the amount not hou action,This all highlights the series MOSFET chip supplier seems to have been waiting for the customer to transfer the single benefit, expect the following in the global low voltage MOSFET chip market share will be the first to go higher. 

For Taiwan series MOSFET chip suppliers, due to the global market share is not high, so some product research and development, promotion and marketing actions, about to go, can only follow international companies face a wave of global MOSFET chip market in short supply, the cause of the product, because the electric vehicles and electric vehicle battery capacity growth factors such as the internal stimulation, cause foreign MOSFET chip companies were forced to adjust the internal capacity planning, supplies automotive electronics field customer priority, as long as the global electric-car market growth speed and battery capacity increase slow down,Creates all the way up the related MOSFET chip demand rapid increase, MOSFET chip companies abroad under the limited capacity of resources, is forced to make trade-offs, it will be large and medium-sized, Nixon and fuding in 2018 had a strong run over the operational performance of the best kinetic energy, as for the MOSFET trends, chip prices are firm profitability significantly higher.