Molex Introduces PCB Micro-identification Product Track-it Traceable Liner

- Nov 17, 2018-

Molex introduces printed circuit board (PCB) micro-logo track-it traceability pad to provide clear product traceability during any mass electronic PCB assembly operation.Track-it systems are ideal for any SMT PCB assembly that requires traceability but limited space, including high-temperature ceramic PCB assembly.The product is well suited for a healthcare industry that has strict requirements for traceability, with other typical applications ranging from digital cameras, laptops, MP3 players, mobile phones and portable gaming devices to products for in-car entertainment and navigation systems.

Track-it traceable liners

"Track-it traceable liners are a cost-effective alternative to existing manual labelling and barcode systems that are typically used to track mass electronic PCB assembly work-in-progress," says Michael Power, Molex product group manager.With code written, track-it only requires a small amount of customer investment without the need to buy a laser device.In addition, the pad USES a minimum of PCB area for the smallest applications.These are attractive features in the face of ongoing miniaturization trends and increasing complexity and circuit board density.

Track-it devices are tiny metal liners measuring only 1.80mm (0.071in) x 2.80mm (0.110in), which can be easily read by most spot light scanners using laser etching and writing unique 2D Data Matrix symbols.These products are supplied in reel packaging and can be assembled by pick-and-place on the standard chip shooter in the high-speed SMT production line.For customers who operate multiple production lines, have different manufacturing sites and/or use multiple contract manufacturers, track-it systems provide more assurance and confidence that there will be no digital duplication, thus ensuring 100% traceability of circuit board content and production line or site.

During assembly, Molex track-it pads and other components are placed on the applied PCB and solder via reflow soldering, so each PCB is uniquely identified.The traceability data of all other components contained on the assembled PCB can be recorded through the unique traceability code.Furthermore, the PCB identifier can be added to the identification information of the final assembly device.

Power added: "" because track-it liners are made of metal and are resistant to high temperatures, they can be placed on the circuit board before backflow welding, eliminating the extra high cost associated with the Teflon label.Track-it systems can be used for standard reflow and high temperature reflow associated with ceramic circuit boards."