Mobile Phone Charging Industry Chain Chip Business Opportunities Are Imminent

- Dec 01, 2018-

In the face of the brand in domestic and foreign mobile phone factory is planning to force the arch, plus mobile phone chip suppliers also push for many years, in 2015 the global smart phone charging ways is brewing a wave of new technological innovation, not only the original way of charging the mobile phone will appear up upgrade fast charging and Type - C new specification requirements, such as new way of charging the mobile phone will be dominated by wireless charging interface completely.
In the global smartphone industry chain have for quick charge, wireless charging a lot of work and Type - C and other specifications, and planning to launch new products, season 2 in 2015, a large number of terminal market demand and consumer experience how to don't call, will affect the charging an annual output up to billions of dollars in mobile phone technology innovation results at last, the landscape of the upstream and downstream industry chain will also determine the winner when new markets.Taiwan series analog IC suppliers pointed out that in fact, fast charging, wireless charging specifications are not new technology, and even some smart phone products on the market have long been used, but, can not create new, convenient and fun to use the experience, so that the so-called fast charging, wireless charging specifications have been unable to popularize.
But since 2014, the first Qualcomm, Qualcomm, mediatek first step to upgrade their Quick Charge, PumpExpress mobile phone Quick charger specifications to version 2.0, want to shorten the phone charging time and improve efficiency, and the wireless charging camp began technical it and action, hope to build a more humane, wireless charging interface, 2015 smartphones charging interface innovation, there are favorable factors, geographical and human conditions at present, is worth related downstream industry chain, keenly awaited.
As for type-c interface, it also gives mobile devices such as mobile phones a new opportunity to unify the market. Especially, many mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers (NB) and PC brands intend to introduce new type-c interface in 2015. There is an opportunity to update the specification of this part of the interface, which is worth tens of billions of nt dollars a year.
In 2015, it seems that mobile phone charging technology intends to make new interfaces such as rapid charging, wireless charging and type-c, etc. Under the strategy of brothers climbing the mountain and making efforts to replace the original technology and products, relevant chip business opportunities have already been on the verge of emergence.From the most market-sensitive mediatek technology, since the second half of 2014, it has also successively published its own fast charging and wireless charging single chip, and continuously prepared a new ecosystem in the cross-strait smart phone industry chain. It can be seen that the 2015 mobile phone charging technology innovation is on the verge of being launched and has to be launched.
Stage of wireless charging chip suppliers also stressed that the growing smartphone screen size and resolution, and high not only low CPU and GPU computing function, cooperate continuously into the dual lens, mobile payment, heartbeat sensor, body feeling game, and the Internet of things (IoT), and other new applications, terminal how consumers keep smart phones in the hands of a power anytime and anywhere, has become the brand mobile phone factory is eager to have overcome the consumer experience of obstacles.
Now thought out in the industry of fast charging, charging and Type - C interface, although it is difficult to effectively solve the said, despite the existing number of mobile phone charging technical specifications on the good times, and Apple (Apple), Samsung (Samsung Electronics) is determined to force the arch in 2015, the subsequent potential of the domestic and foreign brand mobile phone companies follow suit also faintly visible, fast charging, wireless charging, and the Type 2015 - C interface chip demand related, will certainly grow faster.