Microwave Printed Circuit Board Material Manufacturer Rogers To Launch New Products

- Aug 28, 2018-

International advanced microwave printed circuit board materials manufacturers, Rogers company of advanced circuit board materials division, recently in the low dielectric constant RO3003 ™, RO3035 ™ and RO3203 ™ introduce rolled copper foil laminated material.Smooth rolling copper layer, with very low dielectric loss RO3000 ® PTFE resin ceramics material combination, can achieve first-class insertion loss in high frequency circuit materials.These materials are ideal for the strict loss indices required in MMW circuit design, where circuit consistency is important, such as automotive radar sensors and point-to-point microwave return communication systems.The RO3003 laminate with dielectric constant 3.0, a reliable alternative to the 77GHz automotive radar sensor, now offers a 1/2-ounce to 0.040 "thick version of rolled copper foil that greatly reduces insertion loss.

About the RO3000 laminated material

The RO3000 hf circuit material is a ceramic filled PTFE composite material with a wide range of dielectric constant values, mainly for commercial microwave radio frequency applications.This series of products mainly provide excellent electrical performance and stable mechanical performance at a competitive price.The glass fiber reinforced RO3000 series laminates offer a unique isotropic electrical performance compared to comparable materials