Miao Wei, Minister Of Industry And Information Technology: Maintain Confidence And Move Toward Manufacturing Power

- Oct 11, 2018-

Industrial economy is the backbone of a country's economy, and it is a strong hand for China to restructure its competitiveness as the global economy enters a period of deep adjustment.In the face of the complex domestic and international economic situation, driven by innovation and seizing the opportunity of a new round of technological revolution, China's industrial economy is showing a new trend, good factors are gradually gathered, and the pace of transformation is accelerating.
Today, china-us economic and trade frictions have escalated.How resilient is China's manufacturing?Does the manufacturing industry have the strength and ability to meet all kinds of risks and challenges?What is the overall situation of China's industrial operation in the first eight months of this year and what are its characteristics?What measures have been taken and will be taken by the ministry of industry and information technology to help enterprises cope with the current difficulties?Miao wei, minister of industry and information technology, gave the following answer.
China's manufacturing industry is resilient and has a lot of room for manoeuvre. We have the strength, capability and confidence to respond to risks and challenges
"In the first eight months of this year, industrial output increased by 6.5% year-on-year, with manufacturing, which accounts for about 85% of the industry, increasing by 6.8%, faster than the target set at the beginning of the year."Miao wei introduced that in addition to the growth rate has been improved, the enterprise benefit has been significantly improved, and the realization of double-digit growth, the industrial economic operation in the first eight months also presents the following three highlights:
One is that high-tech manufacturing is growing faster than the entire industry.In the first eight months, the added value of high-tech manufacturing increased by 11.9 percent, faster than the overall manufacturing industry by 5.1 percentage points.Industries such as electronics manufacturing, aerospace and equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing all maintained double-digit growth rates.
Second, investment growth in the manufacturing sector has picked up steadily.Manufacturing investment rose 7.5 percent year-on-year in the january-august period, three percentage points faster than the same period last year.In particular, private investment in manufacturing increased by 8.6 percent, 4 percentage points faster than the same period last year.We all know the input-output relationship of the manufacturing industry. Today's input will definitely bring tomorrow's output, and manufacturing investment has also achieved the fastest growth rate since March 2016.
Third, the manufacturing industry has further opened up to the outside world.This year's revised special administrative measures on foreign investment access (negative list) (2018 edition) further liberalized the threshold for foreign investment in general manufacturing sectors, such as automobiles, ships and aircraft, and set a timetable for opening up to foreign investment.In April this year, President xi jinping announced the general requirements of further opening up in boao Asia BBS, which significantly reduced the import tariffs on industrial products, and made new progress in opening up.
"China's manufacturing industry is resilient and has a lot of room for manoeuvre in the face of various risk challenges.'first of all, China is a huge market in the world, and after years of development, we rank first in total manufacturing,' Mr. Miao said.Secondly, from the perspective of industrial system, China is relatively complete in all industrial categories determined by the United Nations.After years of development, enterprises have gradually embarked on the innovation-driven development path.In addition, over the years, the combination of information technology and manufacturing has also spawned many new economic forms and business forms, such as mass customization and service-oriented manufacturing, which have brought new development space and great potential to the manufacturing industry.
We will maintain our strategic strength and strengthen our confidence in development
In the face of a stable and changing environment, we will not lose our way by maintaining our stability and confidence.The meeting of the political bureau of the central committee held at the end of July proposed to stabilize employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign capital, investment and expectations, and set the focus and direction for future economic work.
Miao wei thinks, after long - term development, our country manufacturing industry realized historic leap.The huge domestic market, complete industrial chain and quality assurance system adapting to global standards have laid a solid foundation for Chinese manufacturing.At the same time, the long-term transformation to good industrial economic fundamentals and sustained innovation has become a ballast and power source to stabilize expectations and boost confidence.
Miao wei believes that in the near term, sino-us economic and trade friction has limited impact on Chinese enterprises and industries.China's manufacturing industry has greater leeway, is resilient and capable of overcoming current difficulties, and has the confidence and confidence to turn crisis into opportunity.
"" China will maintain its strategic positioning and effectively transform from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power in accordance with the established goals and guidelines." "MiaoWei said.
Recently, efforts to stabilize expectations and boost confidence have been under way.Miao said the next step will be to improve the policy system for integrated development, continue to carry out pilot demonstration of two-oriented integration, implement the construction and promotion of industrial Internet platforms, and promote the "" double innovation" "development of the manufacturing industry.
In terms of enterprise burden, MiaoWei said, easing the burden on enterprises joint inter-ministerial meeting mechanism play a good role, to ensure that electricity prices by an average 10% of general industry and commerce, to conduct special inspection of enterprises margin, etc., to implement enterprise burden, at the same time to select more than 20 cities across the country, together with the relevant departments to carry out financial cooperation pilot production, promote the development of financial industry support the real economy.
"" we should grasp the timing and pace of policy introduction, further streamline administration and delegate power, and create a better business and investment environment for enterprises." "MiaoWei said.