Medium Newspaper To Verify The Industry High Business Continued To Recommend PCB And Power Semiconductor Plate

- Aug 28, 2018-

Market review: electronics index fell significantly, zhucan optoelectronics for this week leading up shares.Electronics (all) fell 4.62%, or greater than the benchmark Shanghai composite index (4.52%), the Shanghai and shenzhen 300 (5.15%), small and medium-sized plate (5.30%), the gem index (5.12%).Shimmering photoelectric poly (16.0%), bader to recognize (13.8%), for this week, led by shares, microgate technology (18.9%), HTC (13.3%) led by electronic stocks. 

Industry valuations: electronic index valuations are at historically low levels, with limited downside.The Shanghai composite index and electronic index valuations are at historic lows.This week the price/earnings ratio (TTM) of the Shanghai composite index was 12.11x, close to its all-time low of 8.91x.The shenwan electronics index's price-to-earnings (TTM) ratio is 30.07x, near an all-time low of 22.4x.Points plate, semiconductor and other electronic Ⅱ, components Ⅱ valuation, optical photoelectron, electronics manufacturing Ⅱ plate were 57.95 x, 30.66 x, 36.63 x, 23.35 x and 30.42 x. 

Important data tracking :PCB, semiconductor industry boom higher.North America's pcbjune BB was 1.05, continuing to fall.In June, global semiconductor sales rose 20 percent year-on-year to $39.31 billion, maintaining a 15-month growth rate of more than 20 percent.North American semiconductor equipment makers shipped $2.486 billion in June, up 8 percent from a year earlier. 

Company announcement: enter the period of interim results announcement.Last week, ophek technology, Rio tinto electronics, jaguar microelectronics, ferrari electronics and other companies released the 2018 interim report, and a-share listed companies ushered in the interim report earnings release period. 

Industry dynamics.The iPhone blew up the VCSEL market and 2023 shipments would reach 3.3 billion.Samsung dominates India's top-end handset market in the first half of the year. 

Investment proposal: zhongbao verifies the high prosperity of the industry and continuously recommends PCB and power semiconductor sectors with high performance certainty. Relevant stocks include winsun technology, chongda technology, jingwang electronics, dongshan precision, yangjie technology and China microelectronics.In addition, we recommend sanhuan group and mu linsen. 

Risk tip: lower demand did not meet expectations, trade war upgrade, increased competition in the industry, and the company's performance was lower than expected.