Market Light Up PCB Upstream Layout Protection

- Nov 17, 2018-

In the traditional peak season of PCB in the second half of the year, a lot of new international manufacturers came to the market one after another, and the momentum of stock picking was strong.However, the legal person said that the slow season of upstream raw materials will be about one to two months ahead of PCB itself. Although the market is still in the peak season, it is not far from the slack season. In addition, some PCB manufacturers have seen a slight decline in revenue, so upstream companies have started to actively lay out their business in order to maintain the slack season.

The peak point (8021) benefited from the peak season effect. PCB needle and drilling service demand remained buoyant, while cutting tool mobility rate also increased significantly with the injection of customer orders. In the third quarter, the net profit after tax was 78 million yuan, up 70.5% in the quarter and 27.8% in the year.Looking ahead to the next year, pointed out that considering the uncertain factors of the overall economy and industry in the trade war, the company will carry out cost optimization and efficiency improvement, and strive for continuous improvement and improvement of profitability. In addition, the company will also target hot fields such as 5G and vehicle use, so that when relevant technologies break out in 2020, the company can fully cooperate with the market demand.

In addition, according to the fourth-quarter peak point, as the market is about to enter the traditional slack season, the company will adjust the terminal applications corresponding to different customer groups. Currently, the company is still under continuous observation and in line with customer order demand. It is estimated that the operating performance in the fourth quarter will be similar to the previous revenue curve.

Asia electric materials (4939) board of directors approved the construction of a new plant in the first half of the year, and construction has been officially started in dongtai, jiangsu province. The company said that the plant will mainly produce soft copper foil substrate and 5G high-frequency products, and it is expected to start trial operation in August next year, which will drive the production scale of subpower to a higher level.

The company reported revenue of 153 million yuan in October, down slightly from last month and up 14.14 percent year on year, mainly due to the impact of the long National Day holiday and fewer working days. The company further pointed out that it also optimized its product portfolio in this year's strategy, with the shipment proportion of high-gross margin products as the top target.

In the third quarter, the combined revenue was 391 million yuan and the profit per share after tax was 0.31 yuan.

Looking forward to the fourth quarter, the company is optimistic about the operation performance of the fourth quarter with the launch of new mobile phone manufacturers to grab market share and the shopping season at the end of the year, supported by the product competitive advantage and high market share, as well as the upgrade of the system yield.