Mainland PCB To Overseas Order Transfer At This Stage Taiwan Merchants Benefit Is Not Obvious

- Nov 29, 2018-

This year China highly effective to enforce environmental laws and regulations, the market's most high-profile topic in Taiwan PCB industry whether can turn a single, the benefits of topic from two aspects, including the Taiwanese in mainland factory factory whether received single, on the other hand, is the Taiwanese overseas factory can under the sino-american trade friction, new single from mainland China.

Taken as a whole, the current trade war between the United States and China, as well as strict environmental checks in mainland China, have helped to reduce the oversupply, but injecting new orders into the economy has not happened so far.

In view of the current situation of strict inspection of environmental protection norms in the Chinese mainland market, it is indeed helpful for medium and large Taiwanese PCB manufacturers to accept orders and improve the oversupply of production capacity in the market.Moreover, the transfer order effect failed to appear in the short term, because the mainland Taiwanese PCB industry is currently limited in sewage discharge, at the same time, order screening is still to improve profits as the first priority, so for low-profit orders, there is no willingness to undertake the so-called low-price "transfer order".

Us-china trade war, on the other hand, there is still no signs of easing, in electric will allocate a high capital will teda electric privatization, and to facilitate the future capacity flexible scheduling, market observation, mobile electronic industry production base, which has millions of feet above the capacity of a month in Thailand chin-poon ding's most high-profile, competing countries and tai, the market would also like to know, the production line by single injections have how old, but by the three companies in the interview message, at each level of pump, not as expected, the competitive countries group in mainland China kunshan factory is itself permission by cost and delivery to the original order to Thailand production filling capacity.

Chin-poon DRACO factory after a 99% stake in Thailand, this year to make capacity equipment, manpower, also didn't get a single, DRACO chin-poon Thailand factory losses significantly reduced, recognize the DRACO factory in the third quarter fell to 4500 nt $(the same below), lower than in the first three months of 65 million yuan, and 2 quarters of 88 million yuan, the overall operating remains incentive effect, DRACO JingPengZai entirely in Thailand factory management, will also be engaged in improving the production and equipment.

As for taiding, its capacity has been increased to 4.8 million feet per month in Thailand, and its utilization rate will reach 90% in the fourth quarter. It is estimated that its revenue in the fourth quarter will only decrease by 3.5% from the record high of 3.243 billion yuan in the third quarter.

U.s.-china trade war, the Chinese mainland to hunt down emission factors such as market, help to order to improve the PCB industry, refers to the current oversupplied market conditions change, the overall price of PCB industry competition is expected to slow, also let PCB industry in just under normal operation, reflecting the cost of reasonable business profits, but the market quickly turn "single" linear thinking, at this stage, however, could only just provide the imagination.