Liquid Metal 3D Printers Draw Circuit Boards

- Nov 03, 2018-

With a liquid metal electronic circuit printer, you can print out a computer circuit diagram in 10 minutes, plug it in and show the circuit's direction.Now, a new kind of liquid metal 3D printer can be applied to professional teaching AIDS.It breaks the space limitation of traditional printing circuit in plane, and can print circuit in arbitrary radian, curved surface and flexible material.

In the new fair A hall, A shining circuit of the sample to attract the attention of reporters.According to liu bin, a material engineer at Beijing mengzhimo technology co LTD, the sample was printed by a liquid metal electronic circuit printer.The printer developed by the company is the world's first machine for liquid metal printing.Traditional PCB methods, like printed text, often require conductive polymers or nano-particle materials to be added and cured at high temperatures.Liquid metal printed circuit boards are a big step forward in the production of circuit boards - "ink" is liquid metal, and printed circuit.

According to liu bin, liquid metal printing can be applied to electronic logic unit construction, software robot assembly, intelligent home, intelligent clothing, biomedicine and many other fields.For example, printed circuit and electronic components on the robot, printed circuit, pattern and shape on clothes, so that clothes can be used for monitoring heart rate and keeping warm.