Ling Wei On Stocks: Index A Day Of Increased Volume, PCB, Optical Communications Sector Collective Outbreak

- Sep 15, 2018-

Hot spot analysis:

1, 27, three index opened higher, the civil aviation sector take the lead, to drive the Shanghai composite index, the gem refers to, in shenzhen then strong, military industry, wine also has, since the market keep going up, the bulls atmosphere is relatively strong, technology shares also unilateral pull litre, the market rose broadly, afternoon index high consolidation, science and technology for power, rose 3%, the gem market more recent heavy volume, but money chasing high intention is not strong, the market only hundred stocks fell, but less than 40 number, harden still general risk appetite, near late, the market sideways concussion.By the end of the close, the Shanghai composite index was up 1.89 percent, the shenzhen component index was up 2.87 percent and the chinext index was up 2.99 percent.

2. PCB board and optical communication board led the rise, while titanium dioxide and iron ore board led the fall.

3. A total of 3,262 individual stocks rose in the two cities, 45 individual stocks rose by the daily limit, and 44 stocks rose by the daily limit except for new stocks.131 stocks fell, while nine stocks fell by their daily limit, while 23 stocks crashed, with a 34% rate.

4. Shanghai stock connect had a net inflow of 940 million throughout the day, while shenzhen stock connect had a net inflow of 1.624 billion throughout the day.