Laser Industry Leader Huayong Laser Shining Debut

- Aug 28, 2018-

With the introduction of the made in China 2025 policy, the sound development momentum of the industrial electronic manufacturing industry has also led to the long-term good market expectation of the PCB industry.In order to better present internationally advanced PCB products and fully understand the development trend of technology, CS Show 2017 (2017 shenzhen international circuit board procurement exhibition) will open shenzhen convention and exhibition center on August 29, 31th of solstice.This exhibition has attracted many top PCB exhibitors from several industries, such as oskar, jingwang electronics, chongda electronics, jinbaize and wuzhuo electronics to join strongly.Expectations exploded.

One of the leading manufacturers of laser equipment and plasma cutting equipment in China, wuhan huayong laser (booth no. 2L01) was also present at the industry grand event themed at PCB/FPC procurement.In order to better for the exhibitors to professional visitors and potential customers with impeccable service, the company carefully organized a collection research and development technology, production, marketing all kinds of laser equipment as one of professional team to attend this CS Show, to learn the industry the most competitive products and research and development technology.

Wuhan huarong laser engineering co., LTD is one of the largest manufacturers of laser equipment and plasma cutting equipment in China and a core subsidiary of Huagong Tech Company Limited (stock code: 000988).China laser is a national key high-tech enterprise, international standard formulation participation unit, national standard formulation leading organization and undertaking unit.At that time, Chinese laborers laser will carry all the power of laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, laser series and all kinds of laser heat treatment system and a series of leading products to the site, chiefly, show these products in iron and steel metallurgy, automobile and parts, aviation, military electronics, precision instruments, machinery manufacturing, 3 c electronics, integrated circuits, semiconductor manufacturing and other industries widely used.


In addition, before attending the exhibition, huayong laser has been well prepared, targeted at customers, and customized a series of high-end products, professional technical solutions for laser manufacturing and processing, as well as efficient and timely technical services. I believe that we can definitely receive hot sticks from the audience at the exhibition site.At the same time, through the CS Show 2017 window of the industry pageant, in addition to strengthening communication and learning with domestic and foreign leading enterprises, the company will also be able to maintain and consolidate existing cooperative relations, explore large potential customers, and lay a good foundation for in-depth development of high-end market.