Jixiu New Generation Display Technology, For The Second Half Of The Market Injected New Momentum

- Aug 03, 2018-

The international symposium on agglomeration technology is an important event that cannot be missed in the LED display industry every summer. This year, not only will the field instructors bring the latest industrial and technological knowledge, but also the agglomeration will display the display technology of a new generation outside the venue, injecting new momentum into the market in the second half of the year.

High integration common Yin drive IC-MBI5759 debut

As the demand for LED display power saving continues to rise, the issue of congenial Yin has been brewing in the industry.

As shown in figure 2, because the co-yin LED can provide power for R, G and B separately, and the conduction voltage of red light is lower than that of green light and blue light, the power saving can be achieved by reducing the VLED voltage of red light (provided that the input power of red light cannot be Shared with the input power of green light or blue light, and it must be powered independently).

This year, agglomeration also exhibited the module of the highly integrated common Yin drive scheme -MBI5759, and directly compared the power saving with the highly integrated common Yang drive scheme -MBI5359.

Except the IC and LED used by the three modules are of different architectures (common Yang or common Yin) (FIG. 3), their point spacing, resolution, grayscale rain refresh rate and other specifications are the same (P0.9376/32S/16-bit @3840hz).

The first module USES MBI5359 (total Yang) and turns off all power-saving functions.

The second module USES MBI5359 (cyang) to turn on the function of Dynamic+ Power Saving (Power Saving in channel).

The third module USES the common Yin drive IC-MBI5759 and turns on the Dynamic+ Power Saving function.

It can be seen from the data of the electricity meter that the module using MBI5759 has the lowest Power consumption and the best Power Saving effect. Compared with MBI5359, the Dynamic+ Power Saving function can also reduce the Power consumption by another 10%.

Therefore, MBI5759 has excellent power saving effect and low surface temperature during operation.

Etc., indoor 24/7 application areas.

The industry's highest standard: hdr-optimized immersive experience

Samsung's push for a top-tier LED cinema has thrown a bombshell on the market.

Samsung's emphasis on HDR display and high contrast is to create an immersive experience environment and provide visual enjoyment beyond digital projection cinema.

The display screen made by MBI5359 is not only designed to achieve HDR, but to improve the display effect with the highest standard of hdr-optimized (16-bit @4khz) in the industry. The HDR video source (10-bit) can be expressed through 16-bit grayscale output, which can preserve more picture details and better reflect the lifelike and shocking of HDR video source.

In the workshop, "current display specifications (input: SDR(8-digit); output: 14 @4khz" were compared with "hdr-optimized (input: HDR(10-digit)"; output:

16 @ 4 KHZ, can easily see the HDR - Optimized (pictured right) retain more image details, especially in the dark images (low ash), the SDR (left) images of the fuzzy, but the level of HDR - Optimized can still see make the image more stereo feeling, realize the concept of immersive experience, to achieve the ultimate goal of display technology, can let the viewer, illustrates its perceived as real world on the display of visual sense.

Mini -LED breaks the production yield challenge and is most close to the range of bt.2020

At the infocomm show in America in June, many manufacturers came up with mini-leds.

At present, these so-called "mini-led" (or traditional COB) chips mostly use face-up Chip, but the mini-led box in cooperation with neptunium USES Flip Chip, which performs better than the traditional COB scheme in terms of heat dissipation, luminous efficiency and luminescence uniformity.

As can be clearly seen from the comparison in the figure below, compared with the exhibition of the 2017 seminar, agglomeration has gradually broken through the production challenge, and the yield has gradually increased to 99.99%. Compared with the general SMD LED display, it can display more delicate and colorful images and have a wider perspective.

In addition, after actual measurement, the color range of bt.2020 (which can be converted to 150% rec.709) is the best scheme in the market (Sony CLEDIS is 140% rec.709), and the indoor display standard is specifically improved.

16 channel drive preferred - MBI5253

MBI5253 is the latest 16-channel scheme of agglomerated eagle eye series. It continues the excellent product features of MBI5153, and strengthens the high-contrast interference that is the most difficult to solve in the seven challenges of the display screen.

MBI5253 is encapsulated by SSOP24 with high universality, which is very suitable for importing fixed installation or screen for rental applications.

"Smart set-top box" boosts display value

In addition to the display of drive IC, jiji and chuangsi jointly exhibit the application of "intelligent set-top box".

Smart set-top box is the peripheral product of the display screen launched in 2018. The main purpose is to make the display intelligent and create new application value, so that the display screen is not only a monitor.

When the intelligent set-top box is installed on the display screen, an accurate customer feature identification system will be available for data collection and analysis, and the attention of the target customers will be known. Then, advertisements will be placed according to the types of customers.

In addition, agglomeration cloud algorithm platform provides intelligent business information analysis system and remote management, especially suitable for shopping stores, department stores, chain supermarkets and other kinds of business display markets.

The intelligent set-top box is light and light in appearance and easy to install. It can be easily matched with various types of display screens.