Jingchengda Circuit: Last Year The Output Value Of FPC Exceeded 500 Million Yuan!

- Nov 17, 2018-

Jiangmen's strategy of reviving industrial cities and sticking to industrial development is very correct and wise, and our company has benefited a lot.Walked into taishan jingchengda circuit co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "jingchengda"), the spacious and tidy factory area to reporters a bright, just sat down, the company's deputy general manager of finance sun changli opened to the point.

Jingchengda is located in hongling industrial park, chichosantown, taishan city.Since it was completed and put into operation in 2013, jingchengda has enjoyed a lot of tangible and real monetary policy dividends.With the support of the government and continuous innovation and development, the company gradually grows and expands. The output value of flexible circuit board exceeded 500 million yuan last year, and the company strives to achieve 5 billion yuan of output value by 2025.

【 objective 】

Strive to achieve output value of 5 billion yuan in 2025

Jingchengda is a professional manufacturer of flexible circuit board (FPC) production and electronic component assembly coming from shenzhen to jiangmen.The company was completed and put into operation in 2013, with a total investment of nearly 600 million yuan and an area of 180 mu, with an annual production capacity of 480,000 square meters of flexible circuit board.

"" at present, jingchengda is in the top three in domestic subdivided industries.In the same industry, almost only the flexible circuit board we produced can be exported.We also have very high quality customers, including huawei, zte, vivo, oppo, lenovo, tianma group, jingdong east, ophek, dongzhuan electronics, yexeng optoelectronics and other well-known enterprises, they choose the product quality that we value."Sun said.

Zhang xiaomin, director of the human administration department of jingchengda, said the company has built its factory with high standards since its establishment: "" we invested 30 million yuan in the introduction of ERp system software to scientifically optimize the company's management and production process." "Meanwhile, the core cultural concept of jingchengda is "innovation, responsibility and homeland". Currently, the company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 and other system certifications, and has embarked on the road of standardized management and sustainable development.

According to statistics, the output value of the flexible circuit board reached 500 million yuan last year, and is expected to reach 600 million yuan this year."" since the company was founded, output value is being gradually released.Throughout the industry, flexible circuit boards have broad application prospects, from electronic products such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones to medical equipment and aerospace and military industries.Our goal is to achieve a production value of 5 billion yuan by 2025."Zhang said.

As the company grows, it also brings about the improvement of social benefits.In recent years, with the steady rise in business performance and the increasing tax contribution, jingcheng has paid taxes of 7 million yuan, 18.9 million yuan and 24 million yuan respectively from 2015 to 2017, and is expected to reach 28 million yuan this year.


Production efficiency increased by 30%

Under the condition of modern socialized mass production, the technological foundation of the enterprise is always in the process of revolutionary development and change."We are very pleased to see that jiangmen has revived its industrial strategy and in recent years we have also increased our investment in purchasing advanced equipment and continuously optimized our product mix.At present, we have invested more than 80 million yuan in intelligent equipment, automation equipment and robot equipment."Sun said.

At the same time, the sustainable development of enterprises is also inseparable from research and development investment.According to sun, jingchengda has successively set up the flexible circuit board technology research institute, the high-end circuit board technology research and development engineering center of guangdong province, and the post-doctoral innovation and practice base, and established a scientific and technological research and development team of nearly 200 people, accounting for 12.5% of the total number of the company. This year, it is estimated that the r&d input will reach 22.5 million yuan.

After continuous research and development, jingchengda has applied for more than 40 patents, and one of them won the first prize in jiangmen scientific and technological achievements."" in 2017, the sales revenue of our self-developed six high-tech products and patent products accounted for nearly 70% of the total sales revenue." ""Sun said.

At the same time, sun believes that for a company to remain competitive all the time, it must also continuously carry out technological transformation and upgrading."" we have transformed automated production lines, added robotic equipment, built the world's most advanced ERp and MES systems, and improved the ability to deliver on time." ""Sun said.

In addition, in order to meet the growing demand of flexible circuit board, from July 2014, jingchengda started the high-density circuit board production expansion technology transformation project.With a total investment of 190 million yuan, the project was completed in July 2015 with the construction of 26,000 square meters of high-standard dustless workshop and the expansion of warehouses and sewage treatment plants.The company also added four exposure machines, one of the world's most advanced DMSE copper plating lines and two microetching development lines.