Japan's PCB Output Shrank For The First Time In 11 Months, And Its Soft Board Shrank By 15%

- Nov 03, 2018-

Japan printed circuit board (PCB) in August 2018;The output of hard board + soft board + module substrates) slipped 0.1% to 1.146,000 square meters from the same month last year, falling into contraction at the second time in three months.Output fell 2.2 percent to 38.563 million yen, the first decline in 11 months.

In terms of categories, Japan's Rigid PCB output rose 3.7 percent to 824,000 square meters in August from the same month last year, increasing for the second consecutive month.Output rose 6.2 percent to 25.845 million yen, the 11th straight month of growth.

Output of Flexible PCB decreased by 9.2% to 245,000 square meters, shrinking for the 15th consecutive month;Output fell 15.4 percent to 3.965 billion yen, the seventh drop in eight months.

The production of Module Substrates dropped by 6.6% to 77,000 square meters for the second consecutive month.Output fell 15.8 percent to 8.753 billion yen, the first decline in 14 months.

Cumulative PCB production in Japan in the period from January to August 2018 decreased by 0.5% to 9612,000 square meters and output increased by 3.5% to 316.194 million yen compared with the same period last year.During the period from January to August, the output of hardboard increased by 2.2% to 6.857 million square meters and the output increased by 4.8% to 2,09.641 million yen.Output of soft board fell 9.1% to 2.185 million square meters and output fell 7.9% to 33.853 billion yen.The output of module substrates increased 5.5% to 57.0 million square meters and 5.7% to 72.7 billion yen.

Major Japanese PCB suppliers include Ibiden, CMK, NOK's Nippon Mektron, Fujikura, Shinko, Meiko, etc.