ISO 9000 Compares With ISO 14000

- Jan 27, 2018-

The ISO 9000 family of standards promulgated, broke the ISO before the pattern of individual technical standards formulated in isolation, it is not only the international standardization activities combined closely with the international trade, cause the attention of industry standards, introduced the standardization and the system theory, thus greatly raised the standard of scientific and social status, this is the world's invention in the history of the development of standardization, an important milestone. ISO 14000 series, using the guiding ideology of the ISO 9000, the international standardization of the goal, the environmental problems of the human society the most concern, caused the industry, the scientific community, government departments and so on various aspects of the interest, its impact will be greater than the effect of ISO 9000. 1. The similarities and similarities of ISO 14000 and ISO 9000. • all are voluntary international standards. • all follow the same principle of management system, and establish a complete and effective document management system within the organization by implementing a complete set of standard system. • control and optimize the activities, processes and elements within the organization through the establishment, operation and improvement of the management system, and implement the policy and achieve the expected goals. • quality system and environmental management system have many similarities or similarities in structure and elements. Quality system and environmental management system, contain the content of the third party certification bodies audit, therefore, the implementation of the two systems are involved, such as: audit institutions and auditors as well as to the certification audit institutions and real trial member recognition, etc. • both systems could become the conditions for trade and serve international trade, aiming to eliminate trade barriers. 2. The differences between ISO 14000 and ISO 9000. • different objects and objectives.ISO 14000 is to help establish the environmental management system, which aims to regulate the environmental behavior of the organization and achieve the goal of improving the environment.ISO 9000 is the guiding organization to establish the quality system and achieve the goal of improving the quality assurance capability of the enterprise through the control of the process and elements affecting the quality. • the content of elements is not exactly the same.Although the names of many elements in the two systems are similar or consistent, their content is not exactly the same.Two system, for example, there are unqualified corrective and preventive actions and controlling the elements, but the content of ISO 9000-1 and ISO 14001 content is different (see the unqualified control table) compared with corrective and preventive actions, of course, there are essentially the same elements, such as "document control" (see BS7750). • the structure and elements of the two systems are different, especially the differences in the content of the elements are larger. The two systems are systems with different functions and independent systems, and cannot replace each other. Two systems in the enterprise, which belong to two different department management (Chinese and foreign have this kind of situation), thereby increasing the two system barriers to communication and the possibility of expanding the difference between the two system lead. Shenzhen Found Printed Circuit Board Company is a professional pcb manufacturer has over 10 years experience,we supply products with FR4 laminate(Aluminum Based and Copper Based) and high frequency board,which are used in Electronic Security,lighting,telecommunication,industrial control,Medical equipment and etc. And we have passed ISO9001,ISO14001,TS16949, SGS and UL certificates Our operation and management philosophy is "High Quality,Competitive Price and Mutual benefit",we are trying our best to serve customer and succeed in win-win cooperation!