Irridian Invests In New Printed Circuit Board Design Software Suites

- Aug 28, 2018-

Recently acquired by Hindley Circuits, Irridian Industrial Electronics,There is no doubt that the company will be planning to significantly enhance the accuracy and speed of its design services.

The new Cadstar and Altium design software platforms have modern and interactive user interfacesCircuit boards while also incorporating high speed the design requirements.

Both the Cadstar and Altium platforms allow all aspects of the PCB design cycle to be addressed -- right from schematic capture and PCB layout through to documentation and simulation -- meaning that ourPCB designers can be seamlessly connected to all elements of the design process. We have already seen the benefits of this thanks to a rapid happens of speed and accuracy across indicates the whole process.

The new software will bring to our serviceWe are currently looking to hire an additional experienced PCB Designer in the very near future