IPC North America PCB Industry Report Shows Military Aerospace Market Growth

- Apr 20, 2019-

                      Nearly 6 days ago, IPC released the "2019 PCB industry analysis and market forecast report of North America", which showed that the military industry and aerospace industry are the two fastest growing vertical application markets of the PCB industry in North America, accounting for one third of the PCB market and the only growing market application field in 2016. In the IPC survey, it was also found that the growth rate of flexible PCB market has been far higher than that of rigid PCB market. 

                   However, the negative growth rate of rigid PCB market has been steadily decreasing in recent years, and the negative growth rate has become positive in 2018.PCB production in North America for 2017-2018, estimated to be down 4.3 percentage points, actually grew nearly flat at 0.4 percent. 

                 The annual survey report is to the north American market of PCB industry and business based on the analysis of data, including the current data analysis of rigid and flexible plate, market and the growth rate of output, production and sales of different product type, sample production, vertical market, and the application of special technologies such as RF and embedded components;It also includes financial and operational indicators such as average operating income, capacity utilization, inventory turnover and ordering time.

                 In addition, the report also includes the analysis of global and north American PCB production by Dr. Hayao Nakahara, a well-known PCB industry analyst and consultant, and the forecast results for 2017. The results in the report are based on full-year data submitted by sample companies participating in the IPC north American PCB statistics and market research project in 2018.It is estimated that the sample companies involved in the IPC survey have a 51% share of the north American PCB market.