Iot To Inject New Live Water LED Industry Recovery Is Just Around The Corner

- Sep 01, 2018-

Zhuang yuanping, President of the association of optoelectronic semiconductor industry in Taiwan, said that the rise of China has made Taiwan learn a lot from its experience, so the LED industry in Taiwan has been working hard in recent years.As a result, the association kept thinking about how Taiwan's LED industry could be transformed into something other than traditional lighting, such as the Internet of things.The association also hopes that the integration of the upstream and downstream will lead to another boom in the LED industry. 

Liu junting, vice President of the industrial research institute, said that compared with the LED industry, the gross profit rate of the semiconductor industry is relatively high, and the circuit board is different because each circuit is different. There are many design technologies in it, which are difficult to be replaced.But even so, the future of the LED industry is optimistic, and intelligent systems through manufacturing will be able to help Taiwan's industry to transform.On the product side, the industry has invested a lot of resources in micro-led in recent years, which will be a part of great demand after backlight module lighting. I believe there will be more and more good news.In addition, through the rapid transformation of service systems such as smart street lamps, liu believes that the LED industry is still promising. 

Taiwan optoelectronic semiconductor industry association has been working together with the industrial research institute for a long time to act as an important bridge between the government and the industry to promote the optoelectronic semiconductor industry and maintain its competitive edge.Engineering institute in cooperation with the association, the role of the technology pioneers, through the synchronization with the international trend, towards LED intelligent system solution development, to integrate industry transformation and development of interdisciplinary technology, such as networking agricultural lighting, LED wisdom for intelligent lighting system integration technology, etc., to become important driving force in the transformation of the domestic LED industry to accelerate the innovation. 

In addition, ZhuangYuanPing further stated that Taiwan photoelectric semiconductor industry association has been established to actively promote the domestic LED lighting industry become the international market, not only help the government formulate related standards in line with international standards, more to carry out the standard of industrialization, such as promoting "LED bulb is easy to read labeled" the product label, and with the lighting association established cooperation to promote Taiwan LED commercial lighting industry alliance.Through ten years of Taiwan solid state lighting international conference tSSL, international exhibitions and industrial exchanges, we have been continuously exploring cooperation with countries around the world to bring Taiwan manufacturers into the international supply chain.