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- Jan 27, 2018-

Copper thickness


Aluminum plate, manufacturing encounter the following difficulties:


Engineering design width compensation: Because copper thickness, width should be some compensation, or etched linewidth tolerance,

Customers are not receiving linewidth compensation value to experience.


Printing solder uniformity: Because graphic lines etched copper thickness unconventional, Printing solder is very difficult, jump

India, too thick, too thin clients do not accept. How this layer printed green oil is also one of the difficulties.


Etching: etch width must conform to customer drawings. Residual copper is not allowed, nor Dong Daozi

Scrape, Dong Daozi will scratch the insulating layer, causing a spark from the pressure test, leakage.


Machining: drilling aluminum plate, but you can drill the hole after hole edge allowed to have any glitches, which can affect

Pressure test. Milling shape is very difficult. The punch shape, you need to use advanced mold, mold making technology useful

Coincidentally, this is also one of the difficulties for the aluminum plate. After the punch shape, edge requires very neat, no glitches, no

Bruised edge of the board solder mask. Usually Progressive Moulds, hole punch from the line, shape punch from aluminum surfaces, circuit board when punching

Cut on the pull force is, so are the skills. After the punch shape, the board should be less warpage




) Throughout the production process must not scratch the aluminum surface: aluminum side handle touch, or through some kind of chemicals are produced

Raw surface discoloration, black, this is absolutely not acceptable, re-polished aluminum surface and some customers are not receiving,

So the whole process is not bruised, do not touch the aluminum surface is one of the difficulties producing aluminum plate. Some companies use a blunt chemical

Arts, and some hot air leveling (HAL) before and after applying the protective film ...... tips lot Eight Immortals, display

Supernatural powers.