In Response To The Cold Winter Challenge Of Electronic Manufacturing Industry, Jetpack PCB Takes The Lead In Shouldering Corporate Responsibility

- Nov 29, 2018-

Recently, it was reported that apple's supplier, the world's largest contract manufacturer hon hai group (foxconn's parent company), or due to the global economic situation next year and other uncertainties, plans to start reducing labor costs and fixed expenses in the near future.

Samsung electronics, the world's leading chipmaker, also issued a rare warning that its overall earnings could fall in the fourth quarter as a result of "seasonal weakness" in the chip market.Samsung also announced that capital expenditure would fall to won31.8 trillion in 2018, down 26.7 percent from 2017.

According to guojun electronics research analysis, from the global simulation chip downstream application changes, the overall demand is falling.There is no obvious excitement at the consumer, automotive or industrial end of the supply chain.

On the domestic market, the purchasing managers' index of China's manufacturing industry in October was 50.4%, which continued to fall, indicating that economic growth will continue to decline in the future.In the third quarter, the growth rate of exports and investment fell, and the shortage of funds for enterprises became more and more serious. Affected by this, the economic growth rate on the whole showed a downward trend.According to the latest data released by the ministry of industry and information technology of China, in the first three quarters of this year, the growth of the main business income of the electronic information manufacturing industry above the scale is decreasing month by month. The main business income is 4.3% lower than last year, and the total profit is 15.3% lower than last year.In the first three quarters of this year, producer prices in the electronic information manufacturing industry fell by 1.9% year-on-year.

All the above trends and changes indicate that the development prospect of the global information and electronic industry has reached a severe development crossroads.As a member of the global economy, China's information and electronic industry will also once again be severely tested.

Facing the situation and reality of the industry, how to maintain the development speed of the existing industry and make their own efforts for the continued progress of China's electronic information industry has become a topic that many domestic electronic industry enterprises have discussed, and has become a hot topic of the current industry.

Start from their own, from the industry chain enterprises to reduce the burden.

Today, a location in a guest around the world, engineers and customers to provide fast high quality PCB manufacture of innovative Internet service providers - jie with PCB, officially announced to the global industry enterprises: jie with PCB as speed PCB proofing the world's NO. 1 Internet proofing factory, this home match proofing products to the global order all its PCB enterprise incentives, including single PCB (less than 10 cm width) 5 PCS only 35 yuan /, and the motion pack mail, fast delivery for 24 hours, and promises to exceed the time limit a refund.

Regarding this commitment, zhou bangbing, chairman of jetpack PCB, said that jetpack PCB, as an Internet proofing factory with NO.1 global speed of PCB proofing, has always taken the development of national PCB industry and the development of national information and electronics industry as its mission since its establishment.As a member of the upstream enterprises of the electronic manufacturing industry chain, we have the obligation to create a better environment for the downstream enterprises to survive and develop.In the current harsh industry environment, we hope to make a small contribution to the electronics industry and the majority of enterprises to overcome the difficulties.

It is understood that jet-set PCB is an innovative Internet service enterprise that is positioned to provide high-speed and high-quality PCB manufacturing for makers, engineers and customers all over the world.In recent years, the company has introduced modern PCB production and testing equipment and software from the United States, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and other countries and regions, to ensure the efficiency of each PCB proofing link, and ensure the continuous improvement of process capability.Its products are widely used in computer, communication, automotive, digital, instrumentation, household appliances, electromechanical equipment and other high-tech electronic products.At present, enterprise service customers have covered more than 40,000 customers in 109 countries around the world.