In 2014, The Output Value Of PCB In Korea May Surpass That Of Taiwan

- Nov 17, 2018-

Taiwan PCB association held the "seminar of PCB industry trend series", the institute center Zhao Zuyou IEK analysts think sankei shimbun, currently in the global distribution of PCB production, to the Chinese mainland continues to comfortably in PCB production base of the world's leading, but in recent years, is Japan's share of global PCB production has continued to decline, the proportion of Taiwan, there are many production to China, forecast by 2014, the Korean PCB industry output value up to $8.137 billion, will surpass Japan and Taiwan, as the world's second largest production base for PCB.

According to IEK's statistics, the output value of global PCB production in 2011 was about 5.915 billion us dollars, among which, the Chinese mainland included those from China, America and Japan who set up factories on the mainland (us $25.465 billion) accounted for 43.1%, followed by Japan (us $9.45 billion) accounted for 16%, and Taiwan (us $7.29 billion) accounted for 12.3%.Global PCB production is estimated to be about us $62.75 billion in 2012, with the share of China (us $27.83 billion) rising to 44.3 per cent, Japan (us $9.07 billion) falling to 14 per cent and Taiwan (us $7.51 billion) falling to 12 per cent.

However, by 2014, zhao said that China's PCB production would account for nearly 50% of global production. However, it is worth noting that in 2014, the output value of Taiwan's PCB would increase to $7.92 billion, while that of Japan would decline to $7.59 billion.

Zhao said that China's production of PCB products mainly consists of multi-layer board, soft board and HDI board, which are inclined to medium and low order products, but still far behind Japan/Taiwan/Korea in the IC board. However, China still cannot shake its position as the leader of global PCB production in a short time.

Than rival with Taiwan ─ Japan and South Korea, Zhao Zuyou said that Japan's average distributed in PCB market applications include computer related, communication products and consumer electronics.However, in South Korea, under the strong support of private brand mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and LG, mobile communication apps support the hot application of domestic PCB industry, and the proportion of communication products in south Korean PCB products is as high as 63%.