Impact Of Sino-US Trade War On PCB Industry

- Aug 06, 2018-

Shares in Shanghai fell 3.39 percent to close at 3,152.76 points, or 3.39 percent, at the close of trading on March 23, hit hard by A massive U.S. tariff on Chinese goods.


The impact on a-share companies

In terms of the proportion of income structure, the us market is an important export place for many Chinese enterprises and an important part of the income of some a-share listed companies. The cold and warm trade relations between the two countries involve the fate of many Chinese enterprises.In other words, during the sino-us trade war, a-share listed companies that have A certain dependence on the us market are likely to be impacted.

According to the annual report data of listed companies as A reference, in 2016, there were 95 a-share companies in the two cities with A total revenue of 49.585 billion yuan from the United States/America/North America.It involves many industries, such as automobile parts, electronic components, chemical materials, pharmaceutical manufacturing, software and information technology services

A number of companies, including the PCB industry, have responded to a "trump memorandum that would impose tariffs on Chinese goods".

Beijing electronics co. : U.S. customers account for only about 3% of total sales

Zhongjing electronics co. (002579) said on the interactive platform on March 26 that the company currently accounts for about 30% of export sales, but the U.S. market customers (mainly Honeywell, haman, Harman and other brands) account for about 3% of the total sales. The sino-u.s. trade war has no impact on the company.

Shennan circuit: we will pay close attention to the situation and take necessary measures in time

Shennan circuit (002916) said that the north American revenue of the company from January to June 2017 accounted for about 3.75% of the main business revenue.Given the deepening integration of the global economy, if a sino-us trade war breaks out, it will have an impact on global business orders, imports and exports of raw materials and equipment, exchange rates and so on.The company will pay close attention to the situation and take necessary measures in time.

Shenghong technology: the sino-us trade war has little impact on the company

Shenghong technology (300476) replied to investors that the company's product sales in the United States accounted for about 0.82% of the company's revenue.The sino-us trade war has little impact on the company!

Jiantao chemical co., LTD. (00148

On 23 March, jiantao chemical (00148) and jiantao laminates (01888) held a performance conference in Hong Kong.For a trade war with China's influence on the company's business development, build the deep chemical Leslie cheung to kilter, chairman of the finance and economics, said it is unclear what trump the relevant measures are put forward the content, not comment, but the main customers of the company's business printed circuit board in China, products exported to the United States is not much directly, probably only account for about 10% of that company as a whole production, so the trade impact on the company will not be too big.

On the other hand, the company's panel business is produced in a vertical integration mode, with factories in Thailand producing copper-clad panels, and plans to set up factories in myanmar, which can also spread the influence.

Stonehenge China (600176) said that the company has started to build an annual production line of 80,000 tons of non-alkali glass fiber cistern kiln wire drawing line in the United States and will start production at the end of 2018, which can effectively avoid trade frictions between China and the United States and reduce business risks.