Huashang Holds Four - Yuan LED Technology Eye Light Communication

- Oct 20, 2018-

The most critical factor for huashang to get out of the decline is to master the four-element LED technology. Moreover, there are few global competitors at present, so the price and supply are stable. In addition, the application end increases the demand and growth opportunity along with the development of new applications such as sensing.In addition, wang is optimistic about the development of optical communications because he is good at three-five semiconductor technologies such as indium phosphide. 

Four yuan LED long with lower degree of stability, such as crystal element containing phosphorus chemical element, make the world less LED chip factory has four yuan technology, factory only three Ann photoelectric technology with four yuan lu, HuaCan are no relevant long jing ability, in addition, four yuan LED the compounds of phosphorus instability and flammable characteristics, and the elements such as phosphorus, Shen toxic, therefore the manufacturer must apply for qualifications after manufacturing, virtually increased four yuan LED manufacturing threshold.

Wang peisheng, general manager of huashang, said that compared with the gallium nitride long-crystal of blue and white light, the quaternary compound long-crystal is more difficult and the elements are unstable. Therefore, in the past, the increase range of MOCVD machines is less. Compared with the increase range of hundreds of blue chips every year, the supply and demand of quaternary products is relatively stable. 

In addition, at present, only Osram is still producing 4 yuan for the international factory, and other Japanese and American manufacturers have withdrawn from the market. At present, Osram takes the lead in the market to expand the application niche areas, including the introduction of the automotive field, safety monitoring night vision function and iris recognition. 

Wang Pei value expected quaternary red application market and development space, with four yuan technology of high power infrared LED products research and development, combined with brand mobile phones import in infrared sensors used in biometric, due to market appetite for volume is low, so by osram monopolize the market, the bull market will spread to other second-tier mobile phone brand, expected market enlarge, China will be broken. 

In addition to the application of red light LED in consumer electronics, it is expected that the Internet of things will generate more sensing demand in the future. In addition, with the increase of transmission demand, it is expected that optical communications will have an opportunity to develop. Wang peizhi said that the next stage has the opportunity to enter the field of optical communications and jointly invest in huaxinke to develop laser optical communications products.