How To Solve The Pollution Problem Of Waste Printed Circuit Board

- Aug 11, 2017-

With economic development and scientific and technological progress, the number of discarded electronic products in a straight-line upward trend, a large number of discarded printed circuit board electronic products on the one hand, the environment has caused great harm, on the one hand waste valuable resources, especially precious metals. This situation has aroused the attention of Governments, environmentalists and business circles all over the world, and some countries and regions have taken effective measures to do a lot of work in the fields of laws and regulations, recovery system and research and development of recycling technology.

Shenzhen PCB circuit board manufacturers from the current level and depth of research, the use of "mechanical physical separation + hydrometallurgical recovery" process to dispose of discarded printed circuit boards can be in the short term to achieve the advantages of industrial production, but the overall process of optimization and production process of environmental pollution control is still the focus of future research

The recovery of valuable metals in waste printed circuit boards by Hydrometallurgical technology is mainly the use of valuable metals in the circuit board in nitric acid, the property of dissolving in a strong oxidizing medium such as Aqua regia to enter the liquid phase, so that most precious metals and other metals enter the liquid phase and separate from the other, and then recover various metals from the liquid phase. Recovery of metal from waste printed circuit boards using hydrometallurgy technology, need to be disassembled, selected (bulk visible metal, parts not containing precious metals), crushed (usually metal and non-metallic separation of crushed powder), and then chemically leaching of precious metals or other valuable metals. Therefore, hydrometallurgical technology can be used as a mechanical physical method to deal with the subsequent process of discarded circuit boards.

There is the use of "Cyclone Vortex separation" principle, independent research and development of "waste printed circuit board completely physical recovery equipment", effectively realize the separation of metal and nonmetal, and further material of non-metallic powder the main part of printed circuit board is made of thermosetting epoxy resin glass fiber composite material, which not only has the characteristics of insoluble and melting, and contains high concentration of brominated flame retardants, heavy metals and other harmful components, to the regeneration of the use of great difficulties. At present, most of the recovery is limited to metal parts, landfill and incineration is still the main way to dispose of waste. Heat treatment methods mainly include incineration, vacuum cracking, direct smelting and so on.