Hongxin Electronics Has Reported Its Highest Net Profit Since It Went Public In Three Quarters In 2018

- Nov 03, 2018-

On October 28, hongxin electronics disclosed the third quarterly report of 2018, during which the company achieved operating revenue of 1.684 billion yuan, up 34.95% year on year.The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 87,752,900 yuan, up 85.70% year-on-year;Roe = 16.08%;Earnings per share were 0.84 yuan.

Overall, the company continued its rapid growth since the second quarter.It is understood that the improvement of the company's performance mainly benefits from the continuous optimization of internal management and further improvement of external market demand.Since the second quarter, the company's production efficiency has been continuously improved, the manufacturing cost has been continuously reduced, and the order gross margin has been rapidly recovered.At the same time, the demand for precision of downstream products is further improved, and the technological advantages accumulated by the company over the years and advanced equipment advantages such as volume to volume are rapidly emerging.

Point one: net profit of 87,752,900, the highest since the ipo

During the reporting period, the net profit of shareholders of the listed company owned by hongxin electronics continued to increase on the basis of the second quarter (43,599,300 yuan), reaching 8,775.29 million yuan, up 85.70% year-on-year.Operating revenue was 1.684 billion yuan, up 34.95 percent year-on-year.

Last year, the average net profit of the listed company's shareholders, including the semiconductor industry and FPC industry, was 254 million yuan, up 37.9 percent year-on-year.The industry's average operating revenue was 42.32 billion yuan, up 57.48 percent year-on-year.