Hingsen Technology: To Ensure The Continuous And Steady Growth Of PCB Business

- Sep 22, 2018-

From 2017 to 2022, the compound growth rate of global PCB was 2.8%, maintaining a moderate growth, while China will maintain a rapid growth rate of 4.2%. Therefore, the development space of PCB is huge for the domestic market.Therefore, as the main source of the company's profit contribution, PCB business, the company will grasp the good opportunity of industry development, make use of the company's comprehensive research and development technology capacity, continue to promote technological innovation and process improvement, and vigorously develop one-stop service business to ensure the continuous and stable growth of PCB business.

In June, the company planned to buy assets with cash and shares and suspend them, according to an earlier hingsen announcement.After several rounds of communication and negotiation between the company and all parties involved in the transaction, the company decided to terminate the purchase of assets by cash and shares in order to protect the interests of all shareholders and the company.

Hingsen technology is the largest manufacturer of printed circuit model and small batch board fasteners in China. It has been committed to serving high-tech electronic enterprises and scientific research units at home and abroad. Its products are widely used in the fields of communication, network, industrial control, computer application, national defense, military industry, aerospace, medical treatment and other industries.The company has successively become a core sample supplier of huawei and zte, and has established good cooperative relations with more than 5,000 well-known brands at home and abroad and electronic r&d enterprises."Xingsen express" has become a famous brand in the field of manufacturing high-end PCB sample boards and small-batch boards in China, and the company is gradually becoming "the first in China and a global leader", a comprehensive solution provider of hardware outsourcing design with a complete industrial chain of PCB design-pcb manufacturing-smt mounting.