Highly Integrated Mobile Security Chip

- Dec 01, 2018-

STMicroelectronics (ST) publishes the technical details of ST54J system chip (SoC), a highly integrated mobile security solution that integrates NFC controllers, security components and eSIM.
Integration of the three important features in action and helped to raise the contactless communication performance of networking products equipment, coupled with the stmicroelectronics software software support, ecosystem partners can bring more smooth action to pay and electronic ticketing user experience, and more convenient service order remote operation of operators parameter configuration.
ST54J single chip is the fourth generation product of stmicroelectronics embedded safety component family that has been tested by the market. Its design can eliminate the performance limitation caused by data exchange between safety component and NFC controller outside discrete chip, and ensure that non-contact communication is faster than discrete chip group solution.In addition, the faster advanced internal core further improves the speed of contactless transactions between applications and terminal mobile devices and enhances roaming performance by supporting encryption protocols for security components used globally, including FeliCa and MIFARE.
Packaging and design flexibility can be attributed to the integration of three important functions of a single chip to provide space-saving advantages.What's more, stmicro USES NFC booster technology to improve the controller's performance, enable it to establish stable non-contact connections with small-size antennas, give designers more freedom to optimize the device's internal space and minimize the thickness of the new generation of smart phones.
Stmicroelectronics provides ST54J customers with NFC firmware and GlobalPlatform V2.3 security component operating systems with the best encryption performance and eSIM interoperability of its kind.In addition, the operating system has the flexibility to configure security chips to support eSE or composite functions.Stmicroelectronics is the first chip manufacturer approved by the GSMA to use eSIM to assemble operational and networking equipment in WLCSP package, which can shorten the supply chain and delivery cycle of stmicroelectronics.